Transform passive FAQ to a conversational experience

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Hello, Greetings from Belgium. I am Mathis, the Co-Founder & CEO of Faqbot. We are thrilled to be on Product Hunt. We launch Faqbot to enable companies to transform their FAQ webpage into conversational agent. So we don't have to listen to mind dumbing music and endless waiting queue when we call their customer support number. We are looking for product feedback, customer discovery and market validation. Also if you know a potential company that you wish to have Faqbot for their customer support team. Let us know what you think.
@mathisandre great idea to use the bots for FAQ.
@narek_vardanyan Yes you are right, the current FAQs are painful and boring, bots are better.
@mathisandre Hey Mathis! My company HelpDocs makes, well, help docs. Looks like there's an opportunity here for us to work together. Wanna chat about it?
@jakeapeters Yes! Send me an email at hey@faqbot.co, how did it go with the set up ?
@mathisandre @faqbot Sure, sent! Had some trouble importing articles from our site, but I guess you usually import single FAQ pages, not whole KBs.
It'd be awesome if you could integrate with intercom and grab our existing help desk articles
@macconnollyco Hey Mac, thank you for your feedback! It's in our plan =)
I have been looking for exactly this. Looking forward to trying it out!
@bleistern Good to know, you can sign up now and let us know what do you think!
@bleistern Great. Just signup here for free : https://faqbot.co/app/signup/basic/ Let us know.
@bleistern We launched our v2 https://www.producthunt.com/post... ! Always interested to try it? 😉
Congrats on the launch @dewotak - this looks like a neat product for help desks.
@tomketch Great to read you here. We believe there is much room for improvement in self-service support as an alternative for customer support. While enhancing customer engagement and reducing/structuring of customer support workload. #realvalue ;)
Great idea. Chatbots are the next thing!
@dominique Thank you for our conversation and cool for your feedback!