Explore and analyze data without SQL or Excel

#3 Product of the DayMarch 04, 2020
Explore and analyze data without writing a line of code or crashing Excel. Upload a CSV or connect your database to harness the power of SQL in a point-and-click interface.
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Hey Product Hunt 👋! This is Andrew, Jonah, Rohan, and Gary and we’re the founders of Explo! As a consultant, Andrew frequently faced challenges pulling data, writing nested SQL queries, and joining large tables; and as an investment banking analyst, Jonah became painfully numb to Excel crashing due to data scale limitations. Even Rohan, as a software engineer, spent lots of time wrangling with huge, unwieldy SQL queries in Mode while trying to pull data. With this all in mind, we built Explo. Our goal is to allow less-technical people to independently work with data at scale and make it less painful for technical people to quickly explore and analyze data. So far we built our initial product, launched a private beta, and are iterating to provide the most intuitive, accessible data experience we can. Here’s how some of our first customers are using Explo: * Startup founders use Explo to stitch together marketing data to calculate customer acquisition costs. * Operations analysts at a DTC company analyze patterns in customer returns. * Customer success reps use Explo to quickly answer nuanced statistics about their product’s data during sales calls. We would love to get your feedback and so we’re offering a Product Hunt deal: if you hop on a short feedback call every-other-week, we will continue to extend the free trial! This will help us stay in touch with the people using it and constantly improve. We have a small team that moves quickly so let us know what additional features you want and how you plan to use Explo!
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Hi @garymlin! I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and would love to have on my Business Podcast as guest which will expose it to Indian masses! Looking forward to your reply! Please drop in your email address if interested! Thanks
@porush_puri Thanks for your interest, Porush! Definitely reach out to us at founders@explo.co.
@porush_puri Thanks for the kind words! Definitely reach out to us at founders@explo.co.
Can't recommend the Explo product enough. As a product manager it's saved me countless hours and much frustration when wrangling with my startup's data.
@matthieu_gavaudan Thanks so much Matthieu! Excited to continue working with your team.
Oh dope this looks super close to a tool we’re looking for, great UI! We have giant CSV files that slow down my Mac when opening, is there a file limit that Explo can deal with?
@markstevenwai Thanks for the feedback and question Mark! Your large CSVs won't be a problem :) Explo was actually born out of the exact problem you are describing - we were tired of crashing Excel with huge CSVs. With Explo, you can upload a CSV of any size and utilize our powerful compute backend to manipulate your data quickly!
Love the idea. What if there could be built-in templates for the above use cases? As a startup founder, I might not be aware of how to compute CAC or the performance of my email campaigns pre-built templates can help me do that. All the best to @_andrewchen and his team.
@prateek_gupta8 Great suggestion! We're working on allowing users to create their own templates from flows as we speak. Will definitely include some pre-built templates for our users as well :)
Excited to learn more and see this in action! I work with local business owners, many of whom are pretty tech averse, most of whom don't have time to pour over customer/purchase data on their own, but I could see this being really useful to not only find insights in the aggregate but then passing on visualizations so they can quickly pick them up and adjust.
@simonamschwartz Thanks Simon for the context on a great use case! As you mentioned, we’ve found small businesses to be some of our most compelling initial users. The current data exploration and analysis tools were not made with them in mind. We’ll be in touch to get you onboarded and trying out the tool :)