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Christopher Obereder — Co-Founder of Kamibox.de (35M users)
Hey Product Hunt,
I wanted to let you know about ExcelChat!, which has the potential to make anyone an Excel master. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
ExcelChat! is offering a way for students and professionals to receive help with their Excel problems, just by uploading the Excel sheet at hand. However, unlike automated assistance tools, ExcelChat! connects users with a tutor who then responds directly with customized answers and explanations.
To use the website, users simply upload their Excel sheet and hit send, optionally typing in additional information that will help their tutor answer the question. They also assign the question to the error message that they are getting, which aids in matching their request with the right tutor. Within seconds a tutor will respond with an in-depth explanation and at the end he will disclose the answer. The user can view how the expert is solving the problem and can ask questions if he needs further clarification. Currently, the website is totally free and experts are available from 9AM to 12AM (PST).
@thecreativchris Hi guys, interesting concept, can see a lot of people needing this service. Btw. you should probably add time zone information to the "Experts will be available between 09:00am and 11:59pm" text.
Christopher Obereder — Co-Founder of Kamibox.de (35M users)
@harzzn Hey Harri, thanks a lot for the feedback. We will implement that 👍 I hope you give it a try today, our experts are live now.
Danny Sauter — Co-Founder, Bamboo Marketing
Love the concept.

A few more things I'd like to know from the landing page before signing up or feeling good about sharing this with friends:

*How long does the typical response take? Are we talking minutes, hours, or days?
*Who are the experts? What experience do they have?
*Examples of common projects/problems you can help with
Christopher Obereder — Co-Founder of Kamibox.de (35M users)
@dannysauter Hello Danny, thanks a lot for your feedback 🙌

Please find the answers below. If you have any more questions/concerns just let me know, happy to help out.

1. You get connected to an expert within seconds and the expert delivers the full explanation in approximately 10 minutes. It depends on the complexity of the problem but we’ve designed the product so that most questions are fully explained in a 10-minute chat session. The whole process is live, so you can see how the expert is solving the problem.

2. The experts are specialists with Excel, we have a very thorough on-boarding process and we make sure they are able to deliver great explanations.

3. Our experts are able to help with anything Excel related including: #NAME, #VALUE, #REF! errors...

Give it a try and you will experience the magic 🎉
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