Evernote Desk Furniture

Beautiful accessories for desktops by Evernote & Pfeiffer

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Why is Evernote designing and selling furniture?
@narekk I was wondering the same thing. It seems to be explained here: "@Evernote’s goal is to make you better at everything, from your day’s tasks to your life’s work. This ambition doesn’t end with our apps. In collaboration with our favorite companies, designers, and manufacturers, we bring you the Evernote Market, a selection of noteworthy products designed to improve more of your every day."
@evernote's strength is its sprawling mandate, it's also their greatest issue. For what started as GTD app, there is no focus to the brand or product(s). I have never been able to get into Evernote because I have no idea what it does because it does EVERYTHING.
@jlax did Evernote really start as a GTD app? GTD is a very specific workflow, perhaps best embodied by task lists like Things or Wunderlist. Evernote is for note taking, with task tracking/todos/reminders as a subset of that or adjacent to it.
@jlax @evernote Evernote doesn't work unless you're a super user for at least a month. It's amazing that they've succeeded considering the enormous barrier to entry.
@jlax @evernote For me, Evernote is just too much. Too much to learn just to be able to get use out of it. When they started adding products, I started losing interest. I'm sure many people find it really helpful/useful. Glad we have so many choices.
@StevenWalling You're right I was generically using GTD, although Evernote can do that as well (surprise face -- http://gettingthingsdone.com/pdf...). Evernote was always mentioned in the same breath as Things and other GTD style applications when it came out.
Furniture designed for your gadgets by Evernote. Looks like a great collection to organize and free up space on your desk.
No longer. This is not happening anymore, due to Evernote shuttering its market- https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2...
I'm always tempted to buy things like these, but how can I know they're the correct height for my standing desk? I wish some of them had different height options.