A modern-age Wikipedia migrating to the blockchain

Everipedia is a publicly editable, free content encyclopedia and knowledge aggregator. Everipedia differs from prevalent encyclopedias and research databases such as Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Britannica in that it does not require a standard of notability for inclusion in the database, which many consider to be the key problem with both services.

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There things I like regarding the spirit of this, but there’s also a lot about it that makes me uneasy. -If anything and anyone can have an entry, what stops this from being so cluttered and packed with entries that it is unusable? And what kind of standards are in place to ensure that the entries are credible and useful? -Celebrities having verified pages they can edit themselves...what keeps these pages credible and what’s to stop celebrities or political figures from spreading misinformation about themselves or erasing negative aspects of their entries (such as sexual abuse scandals, arrests, controversies, etc.)? -If anyone can have an entry, what’s to stop people from making entries for other people if those people don’t want an entry? This could be dangerous for some. To be blunt, this seems like a Wikipedia with tons of info I don’t care about that also makes it easy for people to spread fake or censored info. I don’t mean to be rude, but I have a strong reaction to this tool and the features it touts because it seems incredibly dangerous.
@barnabybones I have made 7K+ edits to Wikipedia so I share your uncertainty. 1. No notability standards exist on Everipedia, information just needs sources. (That's where the Everi comes from) 2. I think the plan is to revert promotional edits. 3. Wikipedia doesn't care if the person/company does or doesn't want an article either
Everipedia just raised $30 million to take on Wikipedia
How do I get a invite to become an editor?
I meant register, I was reading, but thinking of something else.
Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger joined them as Chief Information Officer. Looks serious.
Is it on blockchain now? or going to be shifted on blockchain?