Heap Event Visualizer iOS

Track users' interactions with your iOS apps

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Hey there, I'm happy to answer any questions about our iOS event tracking and the Event Visualizer, I'm sure @matinm1 is happy to as well!
We (Heap) are really excited about this! We built this because our users told us how frustrating mobile analytics can be, especially for people who can't code. With the Event Visualizer, you can retroactively define mobile analytics events just by performing them yourself. Need to measure Sign Up events? Just open your app, perform a sign up, and the event is immediately ready for analysis. No writing code, no pushing updates through the App Store. It was important to us that the Event Visualizer be easy enough for non-technical people to use. We think this is a prerequisite in making teams more data-driven. Please let us know what you think!
Track every possible event from screenviews to taps, gestures and beyond from the moment it’s activated. This means that if you set up a new event to track, you’ll immediately be able to see historical data as far back as Heap was installed. It also means that you can track new events without pushing an app update via the App Store.
I loved the visualizer for web and bringing it to mobile is pure gold. We set it up about two weeks ago and it's been helpful in watching how users move throughout the app. Now we just need to see how we can connect that data across Heap projects. Nice work @matinm1, @ravisparikh