Personal microclimate at your workplace

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Hey there @ProductHunt! We are so excited to be here today! Nowadays technologies are developing very fast. We'd like really high-tech stuff to be presented not only in military and space areas ;) We were inspired by @pebble, @dyson, @nebia and created Evapolar. We want people to have a truly personal solution for controlling their microclimate how it happened with mobile phones and computers. So meet Evapolar - your own desktop air conditioner. It makes you feel really comfortable at your workplace especially when it is hot. It cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating a perfect microclimate. It works on power of water evaporation and thanks to a specially developed evaporative nanomaterial we managed to significantly reduce the size of existing solutions. We are really looking forward to here your feedback and answer your questions regarding Evapolar!
Hi Sharee, yes, definitely. In future we would like to create a full cycle microclimate station.
Hi Eugene, interesting product and concept! Do you see heat as a future option as well?
The price point on the Indiegogo campaign is pretty steep — who is your target customer for this kind of appliance?
@chrismessina Hi Chris, our device is based on special evaporative material (basalt nanotubes for capillary effect ) that is pretty expensive in production right now. So we have to position our device mostly for office workers with above average salary. Those who care about climate conditions at their workplace to be even more productive.
@dubovoy_evgeniy got it — makes sense! :)