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Eulerr is a platform where you can choose an agile software development team and get first delivery in 2 weeks. We charge a flat rate - $30 or $50 per hour applied to any specialist. Our main goal is to deliver to market as fast as possible. Start a project by next week for a 10% discount, Ushanka and a bottle of Russian vodka. Ask us anything.

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23 positive reviews on ProductHunt, all from people of the same country (Russia?), Probably same city too... Yeah, I think I'll pass on products that self-review themselves - I don't trust.
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@erickbarron86 we don't self review ourself and you are always welcome to check the product. Pls let me know if you need software development
@erickbarron86 i always happy to present the product by myself and tour you through the project
@erickbarron86 ...Or maybe even the same neighbourhood! This is an invasion, mate. Wouldn't trust those Russians too! Meanwhile, as a marketer, you should probably understand, that every product has it's geographical origins. And the first thing makers do, listing their product on PH – they advertise among local startup communities and raise awareness about their product first in the native environment. That's how it works. Indians promote in India, Germans in Germany. That's how such reviews are generated, it's an obvious process. As of self-review thing – I'm among those who upvoted and you can look up my profile – I have 613 upvotes through the last couple of years. It's rather difficult to accuse me in a scam scheme with this project, really. I'm not affiliated with Eulerr, but it's just insulting to watch a product not receiving the votes it deserves because of a false accusation.
@erickbarron86 I think it doesn't matter if they have fake reviews or not, all potential service buyers can check the content of these reviews and decide, if they are true or not.
@dainiskanopa of course it matters - fake reviews are illegal.

1. Website created by Russians and they offer mostly Russian teams (nothing wrong with that, but)

2. Strange reviews with Pros being just "Awesome" or "Cool" and in Cons "Новые возможности" (new opportunities ) or something else random in Russian - the important word here - "something random". Update: they deleted their fake reviews.

3. Eulerr Ceo - Denis Shershnev commented on this in this thread and it turns out he asked for upvotes on his facebook so this explains meaningless reviews and a lot of no-brainer upvotes.

4. Denis understands that those upvotes are not natural as he also write in his fb post: "It remains to score about 400 votes, then go organic".

His fb post google translated:

Original fb post:

Original fb post saved for history just in case:

Denis comment confirming that he asked for upvotes:


Capable of asking for reviews and trying to cheat producthunt.


Evil. Please read full story to get sense of what happened here.

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Tafemka, you are right we offer mostly Russian teams. Due to russian ruble collapse in 2014 we are able to offer premium quality software development at relatively low cost.
Sure, I've asked for support on my FB page. And yes, I am in software development business for a long time. The project was upvoted by clients/customers. Is that wrong? You are accusing us in winding upvotes and reviews, and here are you totally wrong. There is not a single voice of such.

I use Eulerr as a member of one of the development teams.

I think Eulerr provides a great opportunity for customers from the globe to hire amazing designers and experienced software developers for their projects. Eulerr's rules of hiring make the process transparent and secure for both parties. The team is supportive and delivers high level of communication. Good luck for the guys!


Top rated russian developers with great portfolios, legal and financial transparency, good communication provided by Eulerr's team


Minor bugs, already fixed

Very nice. Очень неплохо.