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What is Eulerr?
Eulerr is a platform where you can choose an agile software development team and get first delivery in 2 weeks. We charge a flat rate - $30 or $50 per hour applied to any specialist. Our main goal is to deliver to market as fast as possible. Start a project by next week for a 10% discount, Ushanka and a bottle of Russian vodka. Ask us anything.
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Conversion Rate Calculator

Conversion Rate Calculator aims to show you what impact increasing your website conversion rate even a small amount has on your Total Sales 📈.

To use it, you need to put total visitors, average order, monthly orders and industry you work. After entering the data, you will show the comparison your business with the average.

Unique banners for online advertising

Eulerr’s mission is making your business recognizable through online advertising, so we offer unique banners packs, delivered in 2 days for the fix price. We decided to focus on narrow but important option and aim to do our best.

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