Essentials Kit By Elasticode

Onboarding and walkthrough platform for mobile native apps

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Hi all! We are excited to share today, Elasticode’s ‘Essentials Kit’ with the Product Hunt community. Elasticode’s mission is to give mobile owners the tools to optimize their customers' journey. The "Essentials kit" is our free and unlimited service that helps mobile owners to achieve that. Here's what's inside: Dynamic Onboarding: Allows app owners to schedule multiple experiences (an interactive flow that leads or guides the user to a specific outcome) at different times. A fast, simple way to immediately onboard your new users. Interactive FAQ: A great tool to use for whenever users have questions or issues concerning the app. Immediately deliver a self-service solution with interactive walkthroughs in order to resolve any issues that the users have. What’s New: Extremely useful when the app owner wants to let his/her users know about the new updates or fixes in the app. This allows the app owners to send different experiences that cater the different version updates that his/her users have. And yes, it''s available for iOS and Android! Would love to get your thoughts and feedback Shai
@wolkomir love this! Great work guys
These are actually nicely designed. Ya done good, @elasticode
@wolkomir Awesome update! Looking forward to integrate the new version right away :)
Wow! Sounds amazing. Essential and most needed.
Do you guys ever sleep? Very well done!