The simple RSS reader

Enkel is a clean and simple RSS reader. If you like me, you probably have multiple news apps or sick go being bombarded with images and popups. I aim to simplify the way you aggregate and check your news.

Inspired by the minimal movement and the challenge of building a black & white UI, I want the user to be able to focus on the content.

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Nick Walter
Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Teaching code the fun way.
Whoa so clean! My only advice would be to add some images!
James Newman
James NewmanMaker@jam3sn811 · Developer
@nickchuckwalter Thanks Nick!
Luigi M.
Luigi M.@luigimanco · Software Engineering 💻
I think that adding more differences between titles and excerpts will improve readability. Good luck with Enkel!
James Newman
James NewmanMaker@jam3sn811 · Developer
@luigimanco Thanks Luigi, I'll bare that in mind with the other design tweaks I have in mind!
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
Promising, but I really need the ability to import OPML files for this to be usable for me.
James Newman
James NewmanMaker@jam3sn811 · Developer
Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your constructive feedback!
Scott Watermasysk
Scott Watermasysk@scottw · Co-Founder, KickoffLabs
The reader space has been decimated. I am glad to see someone trying something new(ish).