Database of over 3k email newsletters to advertise with

EmailOwl is a categorized database of 3k+ email newsletters offering advertisement, with newsletters collectively reaching 200M+ subscribers. Includes contact information, tags, media information links, and more! Promote your business with EmailOwl.

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Wow you hardcore cloned our products Investor Scout ( & Press Hunt ( –– the landing pages, sales copy, marketing assets, etc. I don't mind though––nice hustle! Hope this does well for you 🙂 Let me know if I can be helpful!
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@juhaszhenderson Hey Matt - Yep you were 100% an inspiration for the copy used and PH assets (since you seem to crush PH launches)! However, this is idea in general is actually a big revamp of ( which we launched prior to your product. We've seen your products have success in the past several months and decided we'd give ours another try :)
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Nice job collecting the info at a single place!
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@vinod_s19 Thanks! We have thousands more on the table we're looking to add, so stay tuned. :)
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Where are you sourcing these newsletter numbers and are they all open to advertisers?
@rrhoover I have the same question. What's the source of all these emails and how legit is the list?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan - good question - we're sourcing directly from public information on newsletter websites seeking advertisement, copy from our FAQ: ________________________________________________________________________________________ We've manually built and labeled our entire database using information publicly listed on newsletters' websites. We've used a few data science tricks and designed a robust/structured process, ensuring that we can continue to both keep existing information fresh as well as continue to grow EmailOwl. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Newsletter information is open to advertisers who sign up [] for access to the database, with different tiers of access. Open to any suggestions here as this is just our initial take at trying to consolidate this information in one place, to benefit both advertisers and newsletters explicitly seeking sponsorship.
I like, but some kind of free trial or demo account would be useful. Are prices listed at all?
@kieranchase Hi Kieran - thanks for the feedback! Entire database is searchable via the home page [] (with links/contact information redacted), so we're intending folks demo through the preview there. If that doesn't end up working well, we're open to changing down the line. Price data is populated for ~25% of the newsletters, but we'll be upping that to 100% soon with flagged estimates to fill in the missing data (based on CPM info we've collected so far, aligned to the newsletter's industry).
very useful product