Connecting advertisers with content creators

Find-me is a database with statistics and direct contact information for content creators actively looking for advertisers and sponsorship opportunities. We cover over 79,000,000 impressions and growing daily.

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The idea is good. One question, do I need to pay for it?
@melkonyanrob To access the full database, yes you will need to pay. Price is $9/month. This allows us to maintain and constantly update the data. However, if you'd like to try before you buy, I recommend signing up for the email list on the home page, where we share information about one featured creator per week. :)
Did not expect this to make it up to featured, a pleasant Monday surprise! Will be on here intermittently to answer any questions. :)
Cool idea, who are your competitors? Other than Instagram and Twitter themselves. Definitely looks MVP. Be nice to style the actual app. Most Creators will probably not have an idea what they are worth so would be nice to have an average per impression hint. I've not used services like this, so I'm not sure if others do it, but I can imagine there are lots of pople with huge followings that don't actually do it for the money, so wouldn't have an idea of what an impression is worth. P.S, Make your landing page graphic repeat, there are people with larger monitors than 1849px.
@chewx Thanks for the feedback! Probably too early to fully say who competitors would be. Though I will say that is is primarily meant to replace/augment the current unstructured process of an advertiser sponsoring a creator (blog, podcast, etc) that they like. Currently, the advertiser will have to be familiar with the creator somehow (either they consume or stumbled across the content), and then will have to send an email just to see simple stats like impressions, types of ads, or whether or not the person even accepts sponsorships. By aggregating creators into one database with key information (e.g., hoping to get advertisers some of that time back. Re: average cost per impression -- great idea, will add! Re: landing page graphic -- thanks for pointing out, that one I can fix this evening.