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Helps you adopt a proven framework to iteratively build a market-fit product. Plan and execute your work using the best practices followed by successful startups. Validate the critical assumptions and reduce avoidable risks of losing money, time and effort. EdisonPlan is significantly based on the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework created by Bill Aulet of Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.
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@kwdinc thanks a lot for publishing us...
Awesome tools! The 30-day trial is much appreciated but only delays the inevitable high cost. Why charge us for each tool per day? Your pricing is too painful for a startup.
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@krmneimneh Thank you Karim. The chances of success will greatly improve when a founder regularly uses the DE framework through our app. In an app like ours, the value gained from using can only be understood in retrospect when one is not using it. We are actively listening to customer feedback to determine if we need provide more flexible plans for certain groups of customers who may find our current pricing plans unsuited. Thanks again.
@krmneimneh I have to agree. It feels like there didn't use their own pricing tools to price this. SaaS has to demonstrate a ton of value for a newcomer to be charging $270/month. Startups are already loaded with SaaS monthly charges, and this is effectively doubling that.
@mibi Jess, thanks a lot for the feedback. We are definitely considering offering a flexible plan driven by usage..
@aravindamodaran That would be great. I'll wait for it. Thank you
Thank you Kevin for hunting us. We are grateful for your support. Hello Hunters, Thanks for your time and enthusiasm. We built EdisonPlan significantly based on the book “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” authored by Bill Aulet. Despite reading so many popular books on entrepreneurship, I ended up making products that could never attract a single paying customer. That's when my team came across “Disciplined Entrepreneurship" (DE) and recommended it strongly. Every page of this book made me realize the mistakes I made with my previous products. The book is a 24-step framework that helps you figure out what to do and what not to do. We used this framework and built a product that solves our customers’ problem and keeps them happy. When it comes to the business of making Mobile Apps, Gadgets, Electronic Products, Web Applications, Cleantech Products, Medical Devices, and Industrial Equipments, the DE framework will greatly increase your chances of success. EdisonPlan helps startup founders to plan their business with clarity. The founder will be able to choose the right beachhead, practice a validation-driven decision making and build a product that gets them real paying customers.
@aravindamodaran Hi Aravin! This looks like a helpful tool. I signed up for the trial to page through the methodology as DE is new to me. Are the components intended to completed in numerical order? Coming from more of a lean background, I would traditionally advise clients to use a minimal MVP much earlier in the process.
@kkdub Kelly warm welcome to DE. The components are in numerical order. The product stage before MVP is called the beachhead product. This product is mostly in a mock-up or basic utility product. It is created based on the purchasing/user priorities of the persona. It is then iterated with at least 10 potential customers before heavily investing on product development. At end of this stage there is a huge clarity on: 1. what is the product's use case, 2. what are the primary features to be developed, 3. what is the value proposition offered (quantified in $ terms) 4. Who are the people in the Decision Making Unit, 5. How does the product stand against competing products (especially status quo customers), 6. What is the venture's core - "that one thing that will stand the competition wave." Doing this process bring out the greatest benefits in terms of time and money saved. We used the saved time for higher quality engineering and contacting prospects. Current version of EdisonPlan is one week old MVP and a 120 day old beachhead product (including market segmentation activity, which took nearly 1/4 of the time) . We already are serving customers within this one week. ProductHunt was useful for us to validate the market price quickly and effectively, which again is part of DE method validating the market conditions. Thanks for the interest in DE.
This is really cool!
@bentossell ...thanks a lot Ben..
Liked your concept!! Small business owners really need such tool.
@aankitmishraa thanks a lot Ankit...
@aravindamodaran you deserve this appreciation!! Cheers
@aankitmishraa ...feeling grateful... thank you again
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