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Hi Product Hunt community, Eden is the consequence of a trip home to Seattle last year to visit my parents. During the trip, I saw how frustrated my parents had become with installing and repairing technology in their home, with issues ranging from finding convenient and trustworthy help for TV mounting to fixing the weak wifi signal in certain rooms. When I came back to the Bay, I noticed how tech frustrations were widespread even amongst my peers, especially with the proliferation of cracked iPhone screens and confusing smart home devices. With the vision of solving all technology frustrations felt at home by our friends and family, my co-founders @lambdakai, @GuyMorita, @susiexsun and I decided to found Eden, which provides on-demand tech help for consumers. We have recruited some of the world's best tech pros, and we are now serving customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. What we are looking for on Product Hunt is feedback. Anything constructive and honest would be sincerely appreciated. Please let us know what you think about our site layout, check out flow, and anything else that you think needs work, rocks, or anything in between. For the Product Hunt community located in the Bay Area, we have arranged a special discount. Just use "PH20" to get $20 off your first Eden! Thank you for helping us grow. Joe CEO and Co-Founder // Eden
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Great job guys! We just moved into a new house and have been facing issues with the internet. May holler at you soon!
@kibaekr Thanks, Keith! We would love to solve your installation needs when you are ready for your first Eden -- TV mounting, Home Theater setup, Nest installation, home security, and any else you need :) Make sure to use the PH $20 discount ("PH20").
How many times have you had to help your mom or dad with a tech problem in their home? Eden lets you outsource tech problems to someone who knows how to handle them efficiently and affordably, through on-demand tech pros that come straight to your location at a specified time.
Love Eden!!! I need this service in LA.... @joe_du_bey any plans for expansion? Also curious about how pricing works if you need the same techy to come back for updates or additional repairs? This service is a big help for anyone with parents or grandparents who didn't grow up with a computer.
@benhoffman_ Hey Ben! Good to meet you virtually again after finally meeting face to face. Currently we're only targeting the bay area. At the moment, follow on jobs are the same as any other but serving that need is certainly something we could take a look at.
Used these guys a few weeks ago for mounting a TV and extending my wifi network -- so awesomely easy. Congrats to you all for building something so helpful!
@jjbeshara Great to serve you and glad you enjoyed it!