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Amazon's Alexa now has a camera

#3 Product of the DayApril 26, 2017
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I was just asking myself last week, "sure the NSA can hear me... but why can't they see me?"
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"Alexa, who is the fairest of them all?" "Alexa, do I have something in my teeth?" "Alexa, does my bum look big in this?" I'll use this.
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@bentossell Your bum looks great, honey. Don't worry about it!
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Strange that Amazon went all in on the "check out my fashion selfie" concept instead of the other 100+ opportunities a camera can afford.
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@thejfkshow I thought the same thing. It also looks like they skimped on the speaker quality.
@thejfkshow A camera and a small built in projector to display on the wall and hand gestures to navigate. Would have been really innovative.
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@thejfkshow Not that strange if you're approaching what to solve starting with the question "wtf do we sell a crap ton of, that is hard as nuts to sell without having more context other than just voice/sound?" (answer: clothes) follow up question : "okay, what do we need to get people to buy more of that stuff using Alexa?". (answer: camera). My guess is they'll integrate their firefly tech (image recognition) so you can start holding objects up to the camera, and alexa will immediately identify and of course, offer the opportunity to order.
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@thejfkshow Agreed: At least they're trying to solve a real problem (easily buying good fitting clothes online) — I still go to bricks and mortar.
@thejfkshow Exactly. This is being super niche. But then, this also provide a test bed for their future camera products I guess.
This is creepy as shit
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I was speaking with someone about Amazon's next evolution of Echo and how camera/visuals are inevitable. It's interesting to see them focus so much on the fashion use case (watch the video), turning it into essentially a "smart" mirror. Next up: a screen so Amazon can create cool experiences like this one. 🤔
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@rrhoover Smart move by Amazon. 1. Targeting non-consumption in a unique way (Fashion). 2. Targeting women. 3. Generating a dataset for training their ML models.. for free... and eventually selling more outfits. Very smart. 👌 I'm StitchFix is envious of this.
@rrhoover That was the missing gap to me as well... but I'm guessing they will initially be using the mobile app for that... I wonder how long it will be before its suggesting clothes to buy based on what photos you've taken.
@rrhoover I didn't even realize that people shop for fashion related clothing on Amazon! I'm more likely to buy toilet paper on Amazon than a new dress shirt.
@rrhoover The minute Amazon comes out with a screen like your link, I'm buying it