Gesture and voice controlled smart displays

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Hey ProductHunt, We’re super excited to launch the world’s first gesture and voice controlled digital assistant. We’re giving an exclusive promotion to all Product Hunt members - use coupon code HUNT10 to receive 10% off of our already discounted price. Only active for the first 50 users. Let me know if you have any questions! You can also reach out to support@daptly.com and Max or I will respond as soon as possible.
Damn, I want a really good version of this to exist. Goodluck! ps. the video is pretty awkward, get someone great to make the video for you!
@shaanvp thanks for the feedback. There's definitely ways we can improve and we're always working to be better.
I can imagine how it lugging and user trying five or six time to move smth left or right 😂 Sorry, have a bad experience with such movement detection systems. And can’t stop see it in my mind. BUT video looks really great 👍
@perpetuous Sorry to hear that's been your experience with past products. With our depth data, we're able to track 22 joints in each hand which allows for really high accuracy, and so far it's been an experience that our early adopters enjoy. Since we perform the gesture processing on the device, the latency is also really low. Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you liked the video!
Mirror mirror on the wall... Jokes aside, I love the integration!
So cool!