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Great idea - seems like the sort of thing that would come out of a hackathon and take home some prizes! I'm so going to set up a LinkedIn autoresponder to point those irritating recruiters to a $5 link to download my CV.
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@farpixel ^^ amazing idea haha
@farpixel Great thinking Josh :)
@farpixel Haha that's a brilliant idea, I can't decide if it's too arrogant or not ^_^
@farpixel I've signed in to just vote for your SUPER idea =))
@farpixel that's brilliant. Would love to hear how many recruiters take you up on your offer!
This idea is super simple, but awesome. Pick a file, set a price for it and enter your email. Get a link to share and GET MONEY$ when people download the file! Watch out Gumroad! ;)
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Lighting freaking fast! :D
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@milann And that's with a slow internet connection ;)
I bet this was made for Reddit :D
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I'm going to scrape the whole internet and sell everything! GET MONEY 💰
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@rolfdroge lol not a bad idea