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The creator’s process is as interesting as the product itself. Drip is a place to support the creator throughout this arc of creation. Each Drip subscription offers a stream of unique content delivered directly from creators to their biggest supporters. Drip started with music and record label communities and has expanded to include nonprofits, visual artists, and more. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what would be your dream Drip, what you think about the new platform, etc.
@valenti congrats on the relaunch! How did the partnership with expa come about? Also - Where is @aten the MOST helpful?
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik, Miguel and I have been talking about Drip for almost 10 years, running a version of it for Ghostly for 4, and running as a platform for 3 now. Our relationship with Expa came via knowing Garrett and Naveen who have been supportive of us and our ideas for years. As Drip matured after a few years of bootstrapping, we decided to bring some good people together (Charlie at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures got the round going, then Collaborative Fund, and some of the best angels in the world) to help us go further. Expa was taking form at the time. I remember sitting with GMC at the Behance 99U conference when he sent the first tweet. So there's a nice harmony in our growth, it made sense to join teams with Naveen heading up NYC. @aten is one of my favorite entrepreneurs and advisors, he acts as a Rick Rubin for us. A "reductionist" who clears the mind...
Love seeing more entrepreneurs explore new revenue models for artists. How does this compare to Patreon, @valenti? cc @jackconte
@rrhoover Patreon is a very cool platform, but a key difference is that we're focused on deleting the line between creator and their creation, focusing not solely on the output, but rather the true nature of support. You don't join a Drip to get x things for y dollars. You put your money in because you want to see this person/organization continue to do what they do, and the things you get are a byproduct.
@htmiguel @rrhoover I really think the vast majority of Patreon's creators and patrons also "don't join to get x things for y dollars" and are putting their money in because they want to see the creator continue to do what they do with the bonuses as a by-product.
Congrats Sam! Looks awesome.
@sfdji thank you David. Miguel, the team, and I are really proud of the creators represented here. We'd love your feedback. Sam@drip.com
Been a paying Drip customer and pal for a while and it is some of the best $ I spend. I get every release from one of my favorite labels, often before it hits iTunes / Spotify. I am glad Drip is expanding beyond music into other creative fields -- look forward to seeing what's ahead.
@reillybrennan Thanks for the support Reilly, you've definitely been a part of this since the very first version of the site. Appreciate your patience with us!
I love this concept. The music industry feels like a rigged game of poker especially when just starting out. "1000 true fans" is such a liberating idea. As an artist, I get the value immediately. I'm wondering how it works from a fan perspective though. Paying $10/mo per artist hard to justify when you have multiple favorite artists or your tastes oscillate frequently. Also, where in the growth timeline do you see an artist adopting Drip? e.g. before you've released anything at all or after you've hit 1M soundcloud and youtube followers.
@thatguybg Glad to hear your thoughts on this. Personally, when I think of the list of creators/organization I like, it doesn't end. However, the things I love, that I want to make sure exist in the future... it's actually a pretty short list. For me, I think of J Dilla was that artist. I like a lot of people, but he was my favorite. I would have paid any amount for access to the cassette tapes, secret shows, and insider access. Another Drip I find super valuable is The Bunker NY, probably the best group of people to entrust in keeping the NY underground dance scene alive. I suppose if you can afford it, support as much as you like, but we don't assume you're going to signup for more than a short list of creators on the platform.
@thatguybg To speak to the stage of life question Brett, we don't think of things as big/little or major/indie as much as the clarity of your vision as an artist and your commitment to your craft. Obviously it helps if you have a bigger following that you can bring to the table and we aren't a marketing platform designed to rope in random people, but we do believe there are advantages to being in the Drip network and encourage Discovery via our free Drip. Most of our creators including my own label, Ghostly, have way less than 1M SC followers, we're not sure the correlation is with network size, more about passion and ability to communicate.