Drift Video for Zoom

Turn Zoom recordings into trackable video content

Recording your Zoom meetings helps keep people on the same page even when they can’t attend. But how do you make sure the right people watch? The integration makes it easier to share the right part of your recording with the right people and track who watches.
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I’ve been an early adopter of both async video (Drift Video) and video conferencing (Zoom) Both help people communicate more efficiently with customers and teammates, even when they are working remotely. This integration is an easy way to get more from your live Zoom meetings -- it turns your recordings into shareable async video content that you can track. Great way to keep people on the same page without calling more meetings. And the Zoom integration is available on Drift's free plan!
This is really really compelling. I can see a lot of applications here - especially in the customer success space. In my current role we are building a platform that has an onboarding process that can be a bit imposing and requires some hand holding. I could see us using Drift to record our onboarding sessions with clients and then providing them with an annotated version of the session that they can use as a reference to complete the rest of onboarding. Could also see this applying super effectively across enterprise sales - many times I've seen a really effective sales pitch for a platform / service and wanted to share the info with the rest of my team. Good stuff!
@evomoore YES, the customer success use case is super strong. Our team uses it to quickly answer questions that come through chat or when they're on an email thread with a customer. There's also record button embedded in Gmail and coming soon to Outlook!
Really excited for you all to give our new integration a try 🙏🏼 As we've made the shift to remote work at Drift, it's opened our eyes to the overhead & inefficiencies of meeting follow-up for meetings of all types: internal, demos, and customer calls. Just the other day, I forgot to save a list of action items from an hour-long, 7 person meeting. The customer followed up asking me for the list. Luckily, the meeting was over Zoom & I was able to send them over a Drift Video snippet. The meeting automatically uploaded to Drift so I could trim the video, make sure the customer watched it, & was there to answer any questions. Excited to hear how you guys put this to use. Please us know how we can make it better 🙇🏽‍♀️
lately our team has been using Zoom recordings a TON. If a key customer or co-worker can’t attend a meeting, the recording helps keep things moving. It also prevents followup meetings. I need less meetings! But we wanted a better way to share & track those recording. That’s why we built this integration. Drift Video makes Zoom recordings easy to share, track, and I can even chat alongside the video. Now I’m using this daily for better meeting follow-up.
whoa, super compelling. Thinking this may make repurposing for content easier, will take a crack, thanks for sharing and building!
@puravida Thank you for giving it a try 🙏 Please let us know what we can do to make it better for you!
@puravida Thank you 🙇🏽‍♀️ Pumped to hear how this works for you!