Drift Video Bot

Engage with your video viewers 24/7

#4 Product of the WeekMay 20, 2020
Drift Video Bot is the new way to drive engagement with your viewers 24/7. It will notify you when someone wants to chat, let your viewers book a meeting on your calendar, and help you deliver an amazing experience.
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The Drift team just made the BIGGEST update to Video since it launched last year. There's now a bot on every video waiting to greet viewers the second they start watching. This takes engagement to a whole new level and enables sales and marketing folks to work in their sleep, literally.
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Hey Product Hunt! We're super excited to finally release Drift Video Bot. Customers love the ability to chat when someone's watching their videos, but the problem is we're not always there to jump into a conversation. Drift Video Bot acts like your own video concierge and helps you engage with your video viewers 24/7. It sits on every one of your videos waiting to greet your viewers the second they start watching. We hope you get the chance to try it out -- and if you do, please let us know what we can do it make it better 🙏
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This is Great, this bot is going to be super fun to add a personalized touch.
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@jatin_chaudhari Thank you! Let us know what we can do to make it better for you 🙏
In my opinion, it's very unclear what the actual product is here. What is a "video bot"? I watched the intro video via the link and I'm still confused.
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@tim_connors Hey Tim, the product is Drift Video that now includes a bot. The chatbot will help your viewers engage using button responses and automated messages. When the viewer wants to chat with a human, the bot will notify creator of the video so they can jump in to the conversation.
@pmmcody I think I understand. So it's not really that this is a new product per se, but a new channel for the same product ?
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Hands down my favorite tool to book sales meeting with target accounts.
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@inboundy Love that! Let us know how we can make it better