Drift Video

Easily create and share videos that start conversations.

Drift Video is the first video platform designed to start conversations and help people buy. In just a few clicks you can record a video, share a link with a prospect, and start a conversation right from the video.
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Hi Product Hunt! David from Drift here ⚡ Today, we’re excited to announce Drift Video, the easiest way to create and share videos that start conversations. Since starting Drift, we’ve said there are two mega-trends that would shape the future of B2B sales and marketing: messaging and video. Over the last few years we’ve built an industry-leading messaging platform used by over 150,000 businesses, and now we’re expanding our Conversational Marketing platform by adding video. In looking at the market over the past year, we saw that while there are many products that make it easy to create and share videos, none of them were built to help to start conversations and create a better buying experience. And after a private beta with some great early customers, that’s what we’re bringing to market today with Drift Video. Happy to answer any questions that anyone has about Drift Video.
@dcancel love it! I don't think there was enough cheering though when you announced it at HyperGrowth London..... hoping i was in the top100 to tweet!
Maker, writer and product nerd
As a maker, I’m pumped about this launch 🚀 Video is the future of selling to businesses and we’re seeing that trend impact solo makers & small startups too. Video + Conversations would be a really powerful combo to me. Having watched Drift use video extensively through their marketing and sales campaigns, it is nice to see them putting money where their mouth is. Big launch! Congrats @dcancel @anguyenrex
Thanks @thisiskp_ ! Super excited about this launch. I know for me personally, I was never the one to send videos. But over the last few months I've sent hundreds. I've learned from various customers that it's all about reducing friction and being personal. So combining these two things with video is now part of all of my customer outreach.
Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
I’ve been an early adopter of video and I’ve also been an early believer in conversational marketing. Drift Video combines both of these powerful tools — video and chat — to help you start more conversations with your prospects and customers. Oh, and the best part — it’s free!
Paul CombaMarketing, TelemetryTV
awesome that you made it free good luck!
Thanks @paulcomba !! Would love to get your thoughts on it
@TeeTweetsDotCom | @theTXThub
Really cool concept of combining video (high engagement) with conversational marketing. Unfrotunately it's only for Chrome. Any plans to release something for the non-Chrome users out there? I'd like to try it out but can't :\
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