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The team at Drift has taken what they have learned using bots to capture and qualify leads and turned it into an absolute super-power for marketing teams. No more waiting days and weeks after you fill out a form to get a demo. I love where this is going, and think this is the future of marketing and sales automation.
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@hnshah Interesting! What's new about this release? I couldn't see anything I hadn't already seen on the site, so maybe I'm missing something?
@kelvinyap Hey Kelvin. The ability for the bot to automatically book meetings has been live for over a month. However, we now have the ability to deeply integrate into your sales and marketing stack. Previously, we only sent leads into Salesforce in a relatively simple and standard way. Now, you have the ability to choose if you want leads to go to Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, or via our open API. This was crucial because many customer CMO's want to control their lead flow & pipeline. In addition, our Salesforce integration now has custom field mappings where you can get very creative with how Drift and Salesforce integrate. This enables the most sophisticated of enterprises to get Drift and Salesforce synched. Last but not least is Salesforce routing. Drift now has the ability to route to the Account, contact, or lead owner in Salesforce for live conversations or for booking meetings automatically. No other sales messaging platform has Drift's depth and flexibility of integrations into the enterprise marketing and sales stacks and workflows. Hope that helps.
We booked TWO demos with Fortune 100 companies ($500k-$1m ACV deals) in 30 days using Drift Enterprise. πŸ”₯πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
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With this update to Drift, you can turn any conversation on your website into a qualified sales meeting -- without using forms. We can replace your forms with our AI, and that means your sales reps literally walk into work and have qualified meetings booked. Our customers are calling it "rocket fuel" for their sales funnels -- and Drift now fits with your existing marketing & sales stack (whether you need HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce integration). I'd love your feedback πŸ™
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@dcancel Hey David! Wanted to understand how it is different from Driftbot?
Hey @jindalish, thanks for asking! Driftbot is only one feature that is included in Drift for Enterprise. It includes many additional capabilities that enable Drift to be fully integrated into many complex marketing team workflows and sales motions. Enterprise includes Firmographic targeting, the bot automatically booking meetings with no human intervention, and enterprise integrations like Marketo and Salesforce routing.
@craigdaniel thanks for answering. Just to confirm, does that mean moving data from driftbot to external applications like Salesforce?
@jindalish Yes, you have the ability to map Drift contact fields to Salesforce fields in whatever way you like. It is very flexible and powerful. In addition, Drift has the ability to respect the account, contact, and lead ownership so prospects and customers have conversations & meetings with the right sales rep. Not other sales messaging platform has this depth of integration.
Drift booked 80 pre-qualified demos for us last month (July). Big part of that is the Playbooks (chatbot) feature. We're a team of 3 with one marketing person. He's now averaging 25 demos a week...all from the Drift chat on our website.
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No more forms + AI = Take my money!
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@amvlad We'd be happy to. πŸ˜„ Book a meeting with me for a personal demo! https://team.drift.com/craig?sch...