Alexandra Balkova reviewedDrag ProTransform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)

Super easy to manage inbox


Slow loading, bugs with missing letters from different columns, conflict with other extensions

Testing for 2 months already, downloaded in December. Despite the bugs, I can not stop using it, cause for now I can't imagine my inbox not being perfectly organized as it was before. I see product is definitely improving, so I believe the team will deal with all the bugs & conflicts with other extensions. Cause Drag helps me a lot. Thanks for the product.

Alexandra Balkova has used this product for one month.
Nick Timms@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
Hey Alexandra, great to hear from you again! :) Hahah. Thanks for being so prompt with jumping in to explain your point of view on Drag. We have loaaaaddssss planned. Thanks for hanging in there. Also, seeing it through a lot of the load speed issues. We launched a significant update last week so good to catch up on that too!
Efrain Cardenas Gracia@efrain_cardenas_gracia
Nick Timms@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
Hey Alexandra, just an FYI, lot's of the slow loading and bugs are now fixed. We have launched again on Product Hunt today: (please feedback if you have some time).