Drag Pro

Transform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)


Drag Pro superpowers your inbox. It transforms your Gmail into organized To Do lists like Trello, in Gmail. With Drag Pro, you can also organize tasks, sales, marketing, projects and more, all inside your Inbox. It makes the day spent in your inbox sooooo much easier. Mashable, Lifehacker, Google, and over 30,000+ daily active users agree too :)

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Nat Collins
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  • Alexandra Balkova
    Alexandra BalkovaMD @Wise Guys, Dealflow @WannaBiz

    Super easy to manage inbox


    Slow loading, bugs with missing letters from different columns, conflict with other extensions

    Testing for 2 months already, downloaded in December. Despite the bugs, I can not stop using it, cause for now I can't imagine my inbox not being perfectly organized as it was before. I see product is definitely improving, so I believe the team will deal with all the bugs & conflicts with other extensions. Cause Drag helps me a lot. Thanks for the product.

    Alexandra Balkova has used this product for one month.
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  • Peter Banerjea
    Peter BanerjeaCo-Founder, SuccessIsWhat

    Don't have to leave your inbox. Especially helpful if email is your primary communication tool


    None so far

    Extremely useful for anyone who spends a lot of time communicating outside the company - salespeople, support folks, PR people, procurement guys, etc. What I love most is the simplicity of it - which makes it very easy to get your people to adopt it!

    Peter Banerjea has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Incredibly simple to use and looks great


    Still needs improvement in sone functionalitIes.

    I love the idea Drag brings to the table. I’ve used it for 3 months now and it’s quite addicting. I feel so much more productive, and honestly, I’m really looking forward for their next update.

    José Victor Matos has used this product for one month.
  • Emily Sheldon
    Emily SheldonAfrica Lead, Impact Hub

    Good user experience, clean and simple, great customer service


    Can be a bit slow at times

    Have really been enjoying Drag so far. Absolutely love task management systems and this allows me to align everything in my inbox. I still use Asana, but have transitioned to using it for bigger overall strategy planning - while day-to-day tasks get managed through Drag. Keeps my inbox and my Asana much cleaner.

    Emily Sheldon has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    great idea, clean design, flexibility


    small bugs, some times conflicts with other extensions

    I use the app almost 6 months now and I find it as a really great idea to offer all this functionality directly into the inbox. It faces some small bugs now and then but the whole Drag team offers great support, quick fixes and always tries to find ways to involve the users into their future designs.

    Panagiotis Vartalas has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Organization, simplicity, features


    Could use a visual update. Add some customization, sorting, integration with calendar

    This is a great product. Its moving me away from Inbox by Gmail, which I am a huge fan of. If things like snoozing, reminders, calendar and assistant integration come I may no longer need to go back to Inbox by Gmail.

    Great work Dragsters

    Scott Greenstone has used this product for one month.
  • Shazzer
    ShazzerCommunications Specialist

    Easy to use interface.


    Still looking for them!

    Like many people, I end up managing a lot of my life from my inbox ... but the standard e-mail programme interface is not really conducive to keeping track of all the actions that originate in messages. Drag changes that. It not only makes the "task" that's buried in an e-mail message visible ... but also puts all of the information you need to complete it right at your fingertips. I've only been using Drag Pro for a short time but I'm loving it so far, and look forward to seeing where the Drag Team takes my productivity next.

    Shazzer has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    easy to use, clean design, stays within the gmail environment


    does not support alphabets other than Roman, bugs with assigning old messages to columns

    I've been searching for a task management app to integrate with gmail. Was content with Sortd and just began testing Drag. While Sortd seems to be ahead of Drag with some features, Drag looks simpler and it keeps you within gmail. I'm looking forward for improvements such as support of alphabets other than Roman and integration with google apps such as Calendar and Keep

    Dan Segal has used this product for one day.
  • Pierre Girardot
    Pierre GirardotPierre - Growth Hacker @Canva France

    Allow me to keep the task management process as in Trello


    Some useful feature (like sync with google calendar or Trello) are still missing

    Gave it a try when it was launched, gave up because of some bugs with google doc, then tried againa month ago and was amazed at all the improvements the team had done. Last week update made the app sooo much faster. It was the only downside for me comparing it to sortd. Now that the speed issue is corrected, I don't see any reason why I would go back. Plus, I like the closer integration with gmail. Looking at the roadmap and the last achievement, I'm confident that the product will fit my needs (trello and calendar integration) even better in few month.

    Pierre Girardot has used this product for one month.
  • Aidan Special
    Aidan SpecialMaking things.

    Great Kanban style board with customizable titles and shared email boards for your team (in the paid edition). Cuts down on the clutter.


    If you have 500+ emails in your inbox, its going to be slow. But you shouldn't be sitting on that many emails anyway; right?

    The team is super active and seem to be always coming out with tiny quality improvements. The most recent one speeding up the loading time of the tool. Really helps prioritize emails if your that kind of person.

    Aidan Special has used this product for one month.
  • Shalynn Marie
    Shalynn MarieProduction Supervisor, FPM3

    Great way to manage workflow without having to leave your inbox in lieu of multiple other systems


    Unpaid version is limited

    I brought Drag up with my boss and he tried it out and LOVED it! Bonus points for me. Thanks Drag! haha I'm new to the extension but so far im finding it easy to use, clean , and helpful!

    Shalynn Marie has used this product for one week.
  • SwamiofSuccess
    SwamiofSuccessSwami of Success @ The Magic Blue Box

    GREAT idea! Makes e-mail management a breeze.


    Still a new product, so isn't as polished as it will be.

    I'd recommend the app to anyone. For the current cost, it's a steal. It makes it very easy to expose e-mail, providing a visual reminder of things I need to follow-up on. (Just one forgotten e-mail could easily cost me more than the app costs for an entire year.) It's flexible, allowing you to work the way you want, rather than forcing you to work the way it thinks you should. And it's priceless for those of us who want to be organized, but never quite manage it on our own.

    I've been using this product to different degrees since I first heard about it several months ago. It's come a long way since then (and is now one of my "daily drivers.") Anyone who has any experience in software/product development understands that products don't come out of the development box polished and ready to go. But, what separates an ok app from a great one is a development team that listens to its client base and makes changes that make the product work better for everyone (even if the ideas aren't quite what the product owners had in mind in the first place). I definitely think this app has a team like that behind it. I've run into a problem here and there, but the team has been great in working with me to identify the cause and resolve the issue.

    Been using the product for more than a month. Less than a year. (That's a big range, ProductHunt... maybe we could get a 6 month option in there?)

    SwamiofSuccess has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Intuitive Visual Email Organization

    Task Creation helps to remove the need for a secondary Kanban tool

    Multiple boards

    Team Interaction


    Needs to have similar capabilities as Kanban tools in the market

    Not able to have swim lanes in one board and color coding

    Integration of Kanban into Google has been a game changer as I can stay ahead of an never ending flow of emails. This beats Googles multiple inbox feature and is maturing with features of other capable Kanban tools. I have no regrets making this move and highly recommend Drag to any professional seeking to increase their productivity throughout the day.

    Lenny Noice has used this product for one month.
  • L. Stang
    L. StangBusiness Development

    Easy to use, awesome user support, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!


    The usual new start up kinks but the staff is so friendly and eager to help.

    Absolutely love this product. I love the organization of my emails. I feel like I can breathe and it seriously helps prioritize. Was looking for exactly this. Not ANOTHER window to open or ANOTHER program to run. I can assign/manage tasks exactly where I need them - in my email. I don't have the team version yet, I'm hoping to be able to integrate this in with my co-workers. Again, makes too much sense to keep this kind of task management inside of where it should be, your inbox. So far the Drag staff has been more than helpful. They are wonderful with working out minor kinks or user errors! I'm absolutely loving my email organization and I love that now, nothing gets "lost" or falls through the cracks. I can't wait to see what other things they come out with and the updates along the way!

    L. Stang has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Optimize your time using your email, transform mail into agenda/to do list structure work-streams and projects through contacts/time.


    Nothing this app is good as free pizza!

    If anyone uses gmail as preferred communication system should have this app. You'll see in no time how easy is to keep track of your to does when there is simple and proper organization.

    Try Drag!

    Antonio Marciano has used this product for one year.
  • Michael Sanders
    Michael SandersIT Manager

    The tool I always wished email had. It lets me make todos with my email and sort into other groups.


    Can't use panel view in gmail

    I have been using this product since, I believe, the first week it came out. It is not perfect but the new functionality it brings my email far bypasses any issue it may have. The creator is also very fast to respond to email. That alone is different over must software companies! Get it! Try it! You wnt stop using it when you do!

    Michael Sanders has used this product for one year.
  • Steven D'Souza
    Steven D'SouzaFounder, Social Firebrand

    Trello directly in Gmail


    Was a bit slow to load, but quicker now

    For the longest time, I was hoping for something that could combine the power of Asana + Trello + my emails. I used and still use Asana to some extent, but I hate having to send my emails over there as tasks. Sending it over there is easy enough and can be automated, but you can't reply to emails from Asana.

    With Dragster, it gives me exactly what I need - a super productivity tool that brings the power of Asana right to Gmail. Oh and it looks as clean as Trello, which Asana themselves have recently copied.

    Steven D'Souza has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Useful, simple, intuitive


    Still need some improvement, some functionalities and fixing bugs

    I'm testing for a couple of weeks only. Looks like a nice tool with potential to make me migrate from trello for the most of my tasks.

    I still have problems because not all my emails appears in the tool. Maybe some configuration problem, I don't know.

    Having the possibility to move the columns would be great.

    Thanks and have a successful launch.

    Gisele Villas Boas has used this product for one week.
  • Jon Hill
    Jon HillFounder, Hourwise

    Intuitive and feature rich


    Still early and a little buggy

    I've been using Drag since August, and I've been impressed with the speed and passion this team is developing features. They really want to make a product that their USERS want, and it shows. There are still elements that are a little buggy, but I am confident that they'll get them fixed! Definitely a huge productivity booster!

    Jon Hill has used this product for one month.
  • Dimitris Mytilinaios
    Dimitris MytilinaiosMD, PhD, www.kenhub.com

    Simple and intuitive interface.


    It misses a good multi-email selection feature.

    A nice way to keep track of your tasks that arrive to your email.

    Dimitris Mytilinaios has used this product for one week.