Drag 2.0

Reinventing Gmail for teams

#5 Product of the DayApril 16, 2019
Drag is rebuilding Gmail for teams. Lots of tasks start and end as an email but teams need to move back and forth between tools. Drag is a Shared Inbox that brings the power of customer support, sales and operations back into where you spend your day - Gmail.
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25 Reviews4.8/5
I've been using drag every single day for the past four months. This v2 is a game changer in term of collaboration with my team. Congratulations!
@clementc Thanks for this feedback, Clement. Great to hear how Drag has been supporting you and your team! How many team members are you collaborating on Drag with?

I haven’t found any other app that works specifically in this way to collaborate specifically with email. I am a small company and use Drag with my assistant who can answer emails within the same account. We can leave comments and feedback for each other with assigned tasks. The various boards are super useful so we can know what needs to be done when. Highly recommended!


Perfect for email collaboration saving loads of time with confusing back and forth email communications


Doesn’t have mobile app

Hey Kelly, first of all thanks for the amazing feedback. Glad to hear that Drag has been helping you and your assistant to get more things done from Gmail :) Our mobile app will come soon, bear with us while we work on it! Thanks
Hey everyone, Nick here from DragApp.com. 🚀Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Drag 2.0, reinventing Gmail for teams, on Product Hunt. 🚀 We built Drag 2.0 because, like you, we are one of the millions of companies using G Suite that are forced to go back and forth across multiple tools to run our business, simply because Gmail is not collaborative. Drag is a Shared Inbox in Gmail, for teams to manage emails, tasks, Help Desk, CRM and other workflows from one single place. I would love you to install Drag, in two clicks, and start collaborating with your team. To celebrate our launch on Product Hunt, we are offering 50% off all plans - this is available exclusively today, 16th April 2019. BTW, Team Drag will be here all day to answer questions, provide feedback and answer any burning questions around Drag vs. Help Desk products, CRMs and Task Management tools. Here’s the TLDR; ★ Drag boards Drag instantly turns Gmail into a Kanban layout (we call them boards). It’s a proven way to be more organized. You know how to use Gmail, so no training needed. ★ List and Kanban view You can jump between Kanban and List view when you (or your team) need to. You can still access all Drag features without the Kanban view. ★ Sort emails and tasks Emails come and go, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. Keep your inbox organized by dragging emails to different columns on your board. It’s really as simple as that. ★ Add tasks to inbox Not everything comes as an email, sometimes there’s a separate task. You can add tasks directly to your inbox. ★ Checklists and notes Most emails come with things to get done. Separate these out and add them as actionable tasks. ★ Due dates Is there a deadline – something you need to get done by a date? Keep things on track by adding a due date. ★ Calendar integration Drag syncs. with your Google Calendar. Any email or task with a due date attached, will be automatically added to your Google Calendar so your team knows when stuff needs to be finished. ★ Shared inbox Set up a Shared Mailbox - manage shared emails like sales@ from Gmail. Your team can use this shared Gmail account like it was their own – it can be used for anything from a simple Help Desk and CRM to a Marketing board. It’s the perfect replacement to Google Groups. ★ Internal team chat @mention your team to start a real-time chat with someone to solve a Help Desk ticket faster, or to close a deal with more value. You can chat, internally, on any shared emails or tasks. Thanks everyone. Big thanks to @chrismessina for the Hunt today. Nick

The consept of drag makes it unique in a way task and feedback can be organised.


Seamless integration of workflow with Email


Need a proper mobile app

Hey @purnendu_kumar, thank you for the feedback! We are working on our mobile app, bear with us :) What has been your use case for Drag? Would love to help you get the most of it for your particular use case. Thanks

Designed for Gmail, therfore a no. 1 solution for Gmail collaboration.


True collaboration on Gmail incl. monitoring.


Mobile app will be even more helpful

Hey @jan_hein_streppel thanks for the feedback! Our mobile is coming soon, promise :) Glad to hear you like the way Drag is integrated to Gmail, what did you mean with monitoring? Would love to help you get the most of it for your particular use case. Thanks