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@jbrowder1 Great concept! Couple of questions: 1) When signing up, it mentions : "DoNotPay needs access to your booking confirmation emails. However, it has no access at all to your personal ones." However the permission asked for is "View your email messages" and "Search your email messages", which seems for all messages. Can you throw some light on how are you making sure that it only accesses the booking confirmation emails and my personal emails never reach your servers? Is it by limiting the fetched emails using search? 2) Is it available for users in Canada? I wasn't able to login/signup and was stuck in a signIn loop. Also the Terms & Conditions here: do not mention Canada. Who Can Use The Service? The Service is available to U.S. residents or residents of Puerto Rico or residents of the United Kingdom who are eighteen (18) years of age and older, have a valid email address, a valid credit card, and have enrolled in the Service at We reserve the right to refuse access to the Service or cancel your account at any time for any reason. However after Googling, it seems from the news articles that DoNotPay is available in Canada as well. Is it only for the parking ticket service?
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@jbrowder1 @shobhit_puri I'm also in Canada, also in loop, also V curious re: first point
I tried to sign up, but I'm stuck in an endless loop where I auth my gmail account, then it tells me to auth it again (already received an email confirming it connected)
@_jacksmith thats odd! I managed to auth, then enter my other details. likely a bug cc @jbrowder1
@_jacksmith Same thing is happening with me.
Much needed addition to the DoNotPay family!

There's no easy way to browse what the product is exactly, what permissions it needs or even where in the world it works from the landing page. On clicking begin, being immediately asked to login in to my Gmail also did not help with the trust issue at all.

How are these people making money again? And then the next screen, asking for a phone number. No transparency as to how many steps this setup process has. Heck, I didnt even know I was going through one. I stopped there in distrust and went back to read the comments here, to find out the geo requirements. Product discovery you guys. Enable it.


On paper it's a great idea


Everything else

> However, it has no access at all to your personal [email] Bullshit, right? It asks permission to access email, so it can access all.