Dollar A Day

Automatically donate $1 a day to featured nonprofits.

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Hi guys! I'm Cassie, head of community/support, etc at Dollar a Day. Just wanted to chime in and say hi, and also share Perry's announcement about the project, which provides a little more context about why we do this and who we are. It's here: Hope you enjoy. :)
Dollar a Day looks pretty awesome: allows you to give $1/day to its featured nonprofit. The company promises to always share a list & description of the next 60 nonprofits on their calendar. You can also sign up for their daily emails to get a feel for who they're featuring before committing to donate. My only concern was whether you'd have 30 $1 charges on your account, but they just bill you $30 every thirty days. [Edit - looks like it's the product of a few Kickstarter employees]
@stttories This does look great. Thanks for posting.
@stttories Do you guys track the non-profits after a donation is given? I don't mind giving a dollar a day to non-profits, but part of the experience of giving is also to know that it made some impact or produce some results. It would be great if you worked with the various non-profits to provide updates or feedback to the donor community (in a very "kickstarter update-like" fashion)
@webjoe agreed! I am not a part of their team though :) @cassmarketos can help you! Great idea, though. I think it would be pretty interesting to document progress on their blog or maybe send out a monthly or quarterly spotlight on some of the nonprofits. Willing to bet a lot of the "progress" will just be keeping the doors to these organizations open (operating expenses are important too!)
@stttories definitely! we're keeping all of this stuff in mind. part of our mission at dollar a day is to inspire people to learn more + get more engaged with our featured nonprofits, and what we're ultimately hoping for is that they'll learn more, volunteer with, and continue to keep up with the organizations we feature. any way that we can facilitate that, we will. :)
@stttories Ah, oops. I meant this for @cassmarketos. :) Looks like she gave a great answer below.
perhaps we can do a collection on PH sometime around non-profit products
@eriktorenberg Hey! There used to be a collection that has now disappeared. Tried searching for "charity" and "non-profit" in collections but couldn't find anything..
Love seeing more awareness around cause based projects.
Really like the concept of this. Needs some gamification though