An intense motivational speech by Shia LaBeouf in browser

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Can we get a Samuel L. Jackson version of this? I'd Kickstart that. ...or at least a @startupljackson version.
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@rrhoover I have really given that some serious thought over the past few days! :)
@rrhoover link to the chrome web store not working for this. Maybe it's taken down?
This is my favorite hunt of all time
@basche42 I'm glad I was able to offer that for you! :P
Ahahah, priceless thanks ^^ It may be worth mentioning the reference: original:
Which then, unsurprisingly, was the source of numerous parodies:
@oelmekki I owe most of the success to Shia!
Nothing scares a group of people in a quiet coffee house like a mac book pro, on max volume, and a short motivational speech. Bravo!
@walterareid That is the reason why I do what I do! Thanks for DOING IT!
It has been unbelievable getting this much support on Product Hunt! Thank you everyone who gave it an upvote. It has been an amazing past few days!