Create timeline animations directly in Sketch

#2 Product of the DayNovember 26, 2017

Design animations and preview them directly in Sketch

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Hey everybody! Diya is a Sketch plugin that brings timeline animation directly to Sketch. You can now animate your designs and preview them instantly, without ever leaving Sketch. Typically, we finish our designs in Sketch and then export them to a prototyping tool for our interactions. But today, animation is no longer an after thought in the design process. I started working on Diya to solve this issue by integrating animation right into Sketch. I hope you will enjoy using it too!
@sureshvselvaraj Hi, when will this actually be ready? Thanks.
@sean_jadoon Committing to a time is always hard, but hopefully in a few weeks, the first batch of invites will roll out :)
@sureshvselvaraj looks very similar to Principle... Exciting to see this integrated directly into Sketch though! Will it work with previewing on Sketch Mirror with full interactivity?
@chrismessina It has a separate viewer app to preview the interactions. I don't think integrating with an iOS app is possible.
@sureshvselvaraj Been following your work since Mitya! Are you going to integrate both tool?
Looks promising. Sketch should be doing this natively. Great looking implementation.
This tool is amazing ! I love it