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I loved it. we are using since your MVP.
@bernarddeluna you're the best, thanks for trying it out!
Is this good or bad timing with GitHub releasing more code review tools?? and how do you plan on incorporating these into DevSpace? What's in the pipeline? @zenorocha
@bentossell I believe there's tremendous opportunity in the social aspect of GitHub. You see, developers are people and just like people like to follow what others are doing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there are tons of developers that like to follow what others are doing on GitHub. That's where DevSpace is focused on. So answering to your question, this new GitHub feature doesn't affect DevSpace at all because is a change related to code review. In fact, DevSpace can only succeed if GitHub keeps improving their product, so that's pretty good for us. Push notifications, column reordering, and other pretty nice features are in the pipeline right now. You can follow our evolution at: https://github.com/devspace/devs...
For everyone in love with Git, check out my collection, I've added every PH related to Git.
@francisperron thanks Francis!
@francisperron whats the link to your collection :)
@zenorocha I love the Tweetdeck like interface for github feed. Are you planning to building it as a desktop app too? One small improvement I would like to see is a drop-down list of watched/stared repos in place of "typing entire repo name here" box -
@souravray yes! that's in roadmap https://github.com/devspace/devs... The desktop app is already working but we decided to release in the next few weeks
@souravray @zenorocha speaking of repository, we can't add private repo to the app no? I've tried it and it looks like it's not working.
@pierrickgt @souravray you can, just log in with "Private Access"
@zenorocha @souravray I did login with Private Access but it didn't work. Maybe because it didn't ask me for the two factors authentification.
@pierrickgt would you mind recording a GIF and posting it on github? https://github.com/devspace/devs...
This caught my eye on the Electron or some other sites like that as a reference and immediately registered. I was excited for the release and I think it's an amazing proudct!
@noxowe awesome! thanks for your support Laszlo ;)