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What do people think of Tower?

The community submitted 59 reviews to tell us what they like about Tower, what Tower can do better, and more.
What do you think about Tower?
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59 Reviews
Makara Sok
Principal Software Engineer
1 review
I've been a Tower user since 2014, nearly a decade now. Transitioning from CVS to SVN, and then to GIT, has been quite a journey, especially at an older age. It's amusing how some people look down on using a GUI for GIT, but my use of Tower ensures that my commits are flawless and free from errors like an unexpected "console.log". For infrequent, complex operations, Tower provides a sense of security. Its standout feature is the ability to 'undo' actions that are typically irreversible. An instance is discarding changes in an uncommitted file. While purists might suggest diving into the 'reflog', a practical programmer appreciates the simplicity of 'cmd+z' in Tower.

Florian Albrecht
Passionate about great products
2 reviews
Congrats on the launch! Tower is and remains my favorite Git client. Love the syntax coloring. Speaking of color, I would also love to be able to customize the repository list a bit more, with folders and colors, maybe even custom icons. Would help me to be quicker in finding the repository I‘m looking for. Maybe I just have too many repos…

Oskar Hane
Sr. Staff Software Engineer @ Neo4j
1 review
Tower has been my goto UI for git, and there's nothing else even close to it. I use it every day and have for many years.

Ward Poel
Ward Poel /
1 review
What I like best about Git Tower is its exceptional user-friendly interface, along with its robust feature set. Among these features, I particularly appreciate its smooth branch management, rebasing, efficient stashing, and so much more. These capabilities, combined with the clean and intuitive UI, make my daily work as a software developer incredibly productive and enjoyable.

Tamás Deme
Engineering Lead, Contenda
1 review
Tower is the best Git client bar none - the speed, the reliability and the exceptionally great functionality (both in the features and their UX) just makes it a no-brainer purchase and use. I honestly believe anyone who's not using it is missing out on major productivity gains.

Philipp Stracker
WordPress expert
2 reviews
Awesome to see Tower here on producthunt :) I'm using it for 3+ years now and did not regret a day of it. I have not found a different git client which is nearly as usable as Tower (and I really looked for a lot) By the way, the initial decision for me to try Tower was the slow performance of other git clients, and Tower really set new standards for me! Thanks to all the folks behind Tower for helping me make my dev-work more enjoyable every day!

Anthony Garand
1 review
Tower is by far the best Git GUI experience I've used. I'm quite familiar with the git CLI, however after years of using that, it's often refreshing to have a UI that more closely matches things I would do in the CLI. Incredible tool, and very well designed.

Tony Hartmann


1 review
Tower is a great product, I had tested it for 30 days some day in the past and liked it very much. Unfortunately I had to let it pass as of the missing perpetual licence. If the devs re-work their licensing model I can give it 5 stars.

Marc Lefrancois
Software Engineer @Mirego
1 review
I've been using Tower for the last ten years ! Nothing beats it for ease of use for anything GIT related. The UI is slick, there are plenty of keyboard shortcut, nothing is missing :)

John Ozbay
Founder & CEO @ Cryptee
5 reviews
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