Design documentation for projects and styleguides.

#4 Product of the WeekMay 15, 2019
DesignGapp is a tool to help create beautiful design documentation for your projects and styleguides. Work alongside your clients and team members to document important design decisions.
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I've been designing things for almost two decades and I've always had a tricky time with design documentation. I've also always wanted a quick and simple way to create styleguides for the organizations I work with. However, there are no tools I've found to facilitate the process all that well. So I made one that I hope helps connect designers and developers with their audience and stakeholders. I know how powerful it can be to include your clients and team members in the design process. Giving them a platform to tell the story of their project, their audience, and aesthetic preferences has helped me start designs in the right direction. I hope DesignGapp can help you with creating great design documentation.
Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out! What all can be done on it?
@ayush_chandra thanks for the feedback! Users can create documentation for projects and styleguides to help with their design process. They can include clients, stakeholders, and team members to collaborate on the design process. Projects are aimed at capturing the audience, details, imagery, and aesthetics. Styleguides capture logos, color palettes, imagery, UI elements, icons, and provide inline CSS for development support.
Cool app! just tried and also a resume looks pretty much better! Love it
@kevint_o_m_a_s thanks so much, it means a lot!
Very simple and actual design :)
@lillian_haye Thank you so much!