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The best alternatives to DesignGapp are Zeplin, Marvel, and Parade. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to DesignGapp
Hiring, onboarding, payroll and mobility for your global workforce

  • Connected space for product teams. Handoff designs and styleguides with accurate specs, assets, code snippets—automatically.

  • Bringing the world's ideas to life. Started as a side-project in 2013, we're now home to nearly 2 million individuals and teams around the world who use Marvel to make ideas a reality.

  • Promote! is Beautiful animated display graphics in an instant. Easily add your messages, logos and photos and Promote will design and animate your show. Simple!

  • Savely is the iOS app designed to help you save up for your next vacation by first showing you the real cost behind your travel plans — that way, you’ll know exactly how much money to start stashing. Vacations ...

  • Theatre.js is an open-source and hackable motion design library with a visual interface. It helps you animate THREE.js scenes, SVG trees, or even choreograph light shows.

  • 101 UX Principles shows you the 101 most important things you need to know about usability and interface design.

  • Pandemic and lockdowns around the world are making certain industries to grow. Food delivery industry is a great example. In this ebook: - Food delivery market overview; - How food delivery startups make money;...

  • Document Node simplifies the process from writing to publishing. * Distraction-free writing * One-click to generate a website * Intuitive offline site builder for creating custom pages * Cross-platform (support...

  • At Codebooks, we strive to deliver beautiful project documentation without the hassle of hosting. Optimize your docs workflow and unbridle your creative(s).

  • A single source of truth for design documentation that is shared across design, product, development, marketing, sales and even management. With Doccot's Figma Plugin, the process is fast and effortless, helpin...