Design+Code 3

Learn to design and code React and Swift apps


Brand new site with 60 hours of video, 50GB of downloads, Progress feature, Dark Mode, Chinese support and live coding help from our team. Also, new Design System course!

50% discount for Product Hunt users!

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25 Reviews5.0/5

Have only done half the React course so far, but will definitely be checking out some of the other courses!


React course chapters are short and explain topics really well


Old site could be a bit laggy, not an issue now!

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Thanks for the kind comment Jesse! We'll be releasing some more React content soon, stay tuned :)
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Have been a user of all three versions now. Continues to impress and educate every time.


Intuitive and always up to date on trends.


Never had any.

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I was working work with the Design+Code since the first edition. I am sure that Design+3 will be just a good if not better.


Excellent Training Curriculum from the previous trainings.


If you find a Con, please let me know.