Angle 2 Mockups

A giant Sketch Library for creating app presentations

Angle 2 is a massive Sketch Library with over 500 devices, entirely in vector and completely customizable. Also includes a free Sketch Plugin for applying perspective mockups.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Product Hunters, We've spent the last 6 months working on these 500 vector devices, all completely organized in an easy-to-use Sketch Library, which essentially allows you to change the overrides for the style, color and shadows. Instead of starting your app presentations from scratch, you can use the preset colors, gradients, icons, UI elements, mockups and even a collection of 136 wallpapers in 5k resolution! Also, we spent weeks working on a Sketch plugin that allows you to apply your mockup to these devices. It works with Nested Symbols, will auto-detect your Artboards and can optimize the bitmaps. We've made the plugin free! Ask me anything! Meng

A Sketch library with huge collection of device mockups + specially made Sketch plugin to paste your designs to these mockups. All in a single place!

What could be even better? 😊


Diverse variety of device orientations and positions, everything vector, plugin works like a charm and 100% Free


No cons

This is definetely the best collection of device mockups. Pixel perfect precision of Angle 2 is remarkable!
@thalion_pb Wow, definitely means a lot from a user of Angle. We put a ton of effort into sweating those details, which I believe will make our users' lives easier.
@mengto Your design resources makes designers' life easier and your plugin is a real saving! Btw. I could not find a license for Angle mockups - may I use them in commercial works?
@thalion_pb Yep, you can totally make use them for commercial works!
Wow! So glad to see Angle 2 on Product Hunt! Again congratulations @mengto on the launch of such a perfect sequel to the Angle 1 collection. As always, great job! Can't wait to see what you'll build next 🙂
@geek_1001 Thank you Ahmed and the Flawless team for being early testers and for giving your kind feedback. Means a lot to the whole team.

Everything from Design+Code is impeccable. The quality of design and detail is evident. Meng To spends a great deal of time creating tools that help people advance their design and engineering capabilities - this is no exception.


Highly Configurable, Easy to Use.


Pixelbook Mockup? 🤣

There is Android, I stand corrected, found Galaxy, Nexus, and Pixel 2 in there!