React for Designers

Course for building a React site using components

React is component-based, similar to how you use Components in Figma in order to reuse the elements in powerful ways. This in turn allows for better collaboration between teammates. With this course, you'll learn how to build and animate your site from scratch. A 6-hour course for designers, by designers.

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Hello! After 20 years doing Web, I'm finally releasing my first React course, written for designers. Never found the perfect workflow to teach until now, so I'm really excited to share all the techniques I've learned all those years while building Design+Code 1, 2 and 3. Went to great lengths to be able to include materials about the new Gatsby, CSS Grid, SVG Animation, GraphQL, Contentful, Netlify and even Stripe payments. Really looking forward to what designers create with this course. Ask me anything! :) Meng

The price of Design+Code is ridiculously low compared to all the knowledge you can get, actually I think it's one of the best investment someone can do if you're interested in these courses 👍🏻

High quality, small price, a lot of knowledge... what do you need more?


The quality of Design+Code team work is incredible and keeps getting better 🚀


Maybe to many animations on the website? But at least you can learn A LOT a choose what you want for yourself.

I could not recommend this enough. I’ve used the Design+Code for iOS for the last few months and it’s beautifully presented and well articulated. The addition of an ARKit section recently is the cherry on the cake for me.
can't you buy individual courses and have lifetime access to them? Or the payments are always yearly?
@danirogerc We used to have this plan, but what I realized was that it wouldn't allow me to pursue this long-term. I would have to release a new book, and charge again with every new version. Instead, I decided that I would just keep adding major new chapters regularly and not charge for them, as long as you have a subscription. We're at 11 chapters and we never charged anything for upgrades. So, if you pay now, you'll get access to the React chapter, plus 10 other chapters, including ARKit 2, After Effects, iOS 11. Additionally, you won't have to pay for the upcoming Design System, React Native and iOS 12 chapters because they'll be released within a year for sure!
@mengto Thing is I'm only interested in react, react native and general design/ sketch. Guess i will stick to individual udemy courses for now, i really don't like an idea of paying a subscription for a lot of things that I won't use
@danirogerc Fair enough. We do have a lot of content for Sketch and design in general. Figma and React Native are coming! :)
@mengto will probably jump when those are ready
Is the course tied solely to Figma? Is Sketch support in consideration?
@troyjamesthomas it wouldn’t make much a difference. The images are provided. You can use your design if you wish. The figma file is mainly for inspect.