Design+Code 2

Design and code a Swift 4 app using Sketch 40+ and Xcode 9.

Hello Product Hunt!

I've spent the last 2 and half months on this iOS app that would essentially be the book itself, and also be that app that you learn to design and code in Swift 4! My passion has always been to teach designers how to code and use Sketch. There's currently a discount for the pre-order!

Feel free to ask me anything!


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An awesome learning resource for those, who want to start with iOS design & development. I think it's the most comprehensive and fresh learning resource on the web right now 🌟 Highly recommended!
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@lisadziuba The updates will be extremely fresh this time, with iPhone X, Swift 4, Xcode 9, and Sketch's new Libraries just around the corner. I intend to keep the materials updated, and possibly go beyond with ARKit and React. – Thanks Lisa!
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I love the concept "designcode"


The first book was the best tutorial ever:)


Don't know

Great for beginners or people that live in the backend like me and want to get into iOS design :p
@nafetswirth The book is definitely geared towards designers and beginners who have little to no coding experience. There's a strong focus on layout and animation. Every step is very visual, followed by both images and videos. I'm a designer myself, so I try to reminisce the way I learned when I first started and build the course around that experience.
A great product! Especially Angle Mockups.. I needed it so badly :) Thank you :)
@mugecvk We're working on a big update for Angle as well! Stay tuned. :)
The facination and lusting over everthing apple continues. The world does not run one apple is it disappears. Do somethinf worthwhile for humanity instead of a rabid fan of iOS 11. Steve Jobs never waisted time being a fanboy or fangirl.
"Don't be a fanboy" said @androidlove
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@androidlove As mentioned in the video, I might do Android later. The knowledge of Swift to other languages is definitely transferrable. I was able to learn React very quickly because it had a lot of similarities to Swift. I'm sure Android won't be a problem with React Native or Java.
@androidlove Your criticism is totally misguided. Meng has invested countless hours to produce a substantial and practical educational resource. That is something to be celebrated and supported, irrespective of the platform.
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