Dear Apple

A letter generator & gallery for expedited App Store reviews

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Creative Idea :). Out of the handful of expedite requests I've requested I've never been denied (knock on wood). One thing I like to do to increase chances of getting approved is to include permalinks to negative reviews that show the anger/frustration of users who are experiencing the bug (if user facing). Reviews are available via RSS feed and I subscribe via AppFigures so AppFigures provides permalink for each review. I imagine you could just screenshot and include link to screenshot as well.
@bracco Great stuff, thanks for sharing!
Hi Product Hunters, I’m Shai, the Co-Founder and CEO of Elasticode. Today we’re happy to share a small-yet-necessary side project called Dear Apple. As mobile developers ourselves, we know that waiting for Apple’s team to review your app might be nerve-wracking, especially if it keeps your team from moving forward with other tasks. That’s why Apple offers the option of an expedited review for specific circumstances that justify urgent processing. We’ve recently realized that many devs are either unfamiliar with the option, or lack the resources and inspiration to request it. And so, Dear Apple is a letter generator and gallery, offering templates designed to make things easier. After answering a few simple questions, you’ll receive a custom email ready for your reviewer. Questions? Suggestions? Words of wisdom, praise or critique? We’re right here for ya. Can’t wait!
Simply genius
@liatmord Thanks! *blushing*
This is awesome. Any thoughts on adding a template asking them to feature your app?
@murtazasaadat We're always open to new ideas, thanks for that!
It's a godsend tool for people who speak english second language. Big thanks!
@suholet Happy to hear and help, Dmitry. Hope devs worldwide will put it to good use.