Remember the birthdays that matter to you. You can ask for a friend’s birthday without forcing them to register or download the app. Only you see people's info who share their birthday with you. Who you are connected to is not visible to anyone else but you.
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Thanks, Hiten! Absolutely, If anyone here has feedback or questions we would love to hear them and we’ll do our best to improve Cupcake. My friends Maca, @sasalatart, @nicolas_gomez_espejo and I have put a lot of effort not only into building this but also into thinking and designing it in a way that’s useful, easy/simple to use and of course respectful of everyone’s data.
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@sasalatart @nicolas_gomez_espejo @raulmt @hnshah we just happen to have a business making it super easy to send people giant birthday cupcakes and even the ability to tweet a real cake to people - we should find a way to connect them up!
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Hi guys! Congrats for the app! It it a way to sync with the birthdays from FB?
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@alex_circei hi Alex. No, we don’t have that. We didn’t want to connect to things where we cannot ensure you are in control of your data. At the same time, we wanted to help you remember birthdays without all the noise in social media. I totally understand why you would want to do that though. Although the app looks very simple, believe me when I say it was full of not at all easy choices.
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@raulmt I understand your point, but how to add the birthdays in the app? Spam my 8000 contact list?
@raulmt Probably a better question is, how to import the birthdays from FB
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I downloaded this immediately - it’s something I’ve wanted for awhile. But I uninstalled before getting through onboarding. I can find the birthdays that matter to me easily enough, I just need an app to help keep me on top of them that isn’t Facebook. Why this app needs my name / birthdate / phone number is a deal breaker for me unfortunately. Cool concept though!
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@nasherasher thanks for trying out Cupcake, Elliot! There were a lot of difficult choices here. We not only want to help you remember the birthdays you care about most, but also help your friends (with your approval of course) easily remember yours without that becoming a burden to you. One example is how you can get birthdays you don’t have. One feature we thought useful is to have your own personal link you can share with, for example, a group chat with your closest friends from school years. If you receive such a link and you have the app installed you can accept sharing your birthday with him/her by just opening the link and tapping “ok”. For that to happen that way we needed to store a minimum of your data (name, phone number and birthday). Thanks for the comment, though. We debated a lot about the balance between storing some data and adding more friction. We can maybe have options for you so you decide if you want even more privacy or you prefer a bit less friction. In any case, the data you enter in cupcake will always be shared only to the people you let us, and with no other person or company.
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@nasherasher I've found this app to solve that solution:
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Thursday night, I got a cold email from Raúl about Cupcake. He's an engineer from Chile who wanted to scratch his own itch by building a simple app to get your friend's birthdays and help you remember them. All while protecting everyone's privacy. I found it to be an intriguing value proposition so I tried it out. And it works as promised. Does one thing really well. It's very easy to use and respectful of your privacy and your friends' privacy too. Try it out! I'm sure Raúl would *love* to hear your thoughts.
Why would I not just use facebook - which tells me when all my friends birthdays are. They even create a video for me that I can choose to share or not?
@williamz902 of course you can! :) you are free to choose the tools that fit your purpose the better. Cupcake was created for people that don’t want the privacy concerns and the social media noise when they only want to remember birthdays. If you feel that’s important to you or you want to remember the birthday of friends that didn’t share theirs on fb (or don’t have fb at all), you are welcomed to give Cupcake a try ;)
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I was actually wanting to use it for more than just bdays. I missed an important date recently and even though it was on my apple calendar, the notification send while I was sleeping so in my groggy state I cleared my phone screen and missed it... If this app allowed me to manage more custom dates ontop of bdays or manually add recurring important dates, I would use it.


Cool concept for keeping track of recurring important dates.


- makes me pair with my contacts, and doesnt allow for manual entry