Crudely Drawn Love Letter

Send delightful, crudely drawn love letters to your love

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Edit: Thanks to everyone that purchased! My mind is blown right now. Thanks for the support, Ryan! These cards are drawn by myself and a small group of talented friends. Every one that is mailed out will be unique! Check us out on Instagram:
@iamcoreyg Just ordered mine. Would love to see the future functionality to allow customers to customize. Nothing more special than saying, "Hey're Marriage Material"
@bobertx3 I'm planning to make this into a year round project! So, I'll likely add features like a login for recurring customers and custom options as well.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day. These hand drawn cards are almost as cute as the artwork from @bgadoci’s son, Riley. Here are some more products for your Valentine.
Fun seeing @iamcoreyg execute on this idea. I'd recommend ordering fast to ensure for an on-time delivery!
LaaS, love as a service :)
@chenbfang I love this haha
So damn adorable.