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@valeriansaliou hey can you tell us about why you made this? What separates it from others in the space? Seems that there are quite a few similar alternatives... what brings people to Crisp vs competitors?
@bentossell Hey Ben. We started this since we noticed the startup community is becoming quite active here in France. It looks like people here need something simple, rather than complex. Competitors all offer full-fledged, but expensive and heavy products (Intercom is one of them). They address all issues, but don't address most people issues in a snap. It looks like most startup founders here only need a fraction of the features, hence why we're doing this. We're trying to focus on the needs of people there in France, we hope it'll help other people abroad!
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@valeriansaliou nice... so it's like a stripped back version? How did you settle on the most essential components that needed to be implemented to get this to start growing?
@bentossell depends of what you need. We focus on those essentials: - Chat experience (our name comes from that, support must be crispy for your visitors) - Email to chat and chat to email (in case either the visitor or operator gets offline, we forward messages to email - you can reply directly to the email we send, and the messages will be sent back to chat - this is completely transparent) - File sharing (via chat, and via email, as attachment) - Simple operator collaboration (everything is realtime in apps) - See what visitors type in real-time, so that you can plan your reply faster (makes the chat experience magic for visitors, since it's replies come so fast) - Operator Apps (Web app is here ; Desktop apps coming soon, Mobile apps coming soon) We'll be working on making the whole system smarter on long-term, with features such as: - Lost user detection (we know who visit your website ; you get the list, and you can trigger a chat with any target visitor - this is currently implemented - but let's assume you get a constant flow of hundreds of users: things become unmanageable ; thus we will notify you of users who need help based on the browsing data we have about them, and some probabilistic model) - Simple triggers (give conditions on when to trigger a chatbox open, with a simple configuration UI) - Crisp in-app chat extension for iOS/Android apps (native extension, replicating the Crisp visitor Web client experience - it's all about unification)
@valeriansaliou seems there are a lot of features... which would then again pose the questions of how it can differ to others? Do you not think it best to focus on a few features and do them really really well and keep it as that stripped back version? Adding features will then make it bulkier and can mean you are competing with the other big hitters in the space. Speaking with customers and founders could help determine the best features to focus on. My 2 cents :)
@bentossell we're speaking with customers & founders, as you recommend :) That's why we launched early, our beta gives free forever accounts. This helps people get onboard and give feedback. We're probing what people want, and implementing the most-demanded features while keeping an eye on overall product simplicity. Indeed, this is a lot of features, but most of them are invisible (lost user detection for instance, or even email). There's no configuration over that, and we believe the hurdle comes from products that allow over-configuration (compare iOS settings to the beginnings of Android ones for example). Those features exist just because they are part of the whole product experience.
This is the most beautiful looking live chat app I've ever seen. Props to whoever designed it!
1 minute and you are set, everything I needed!
@diogomartf great! Let us know if you have any suggestion/request.
Great product ! Congrats.
Great product!