A simplified graphic design tool with 10,000 free templates

Crello is a free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web based graphics. It contains 30 different formats and 10,000 free and ready-to-use templates for creating graphics.

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Hugs from the Crello team! ❤️ 🤗 Hunters, thanks a lot for your support and for the nomination. First, we made it to the Top-100 products of 2017, and now THIS! :) We are very proud and will continue improving Crello to make it an even better graphic tool with all-in-one features, formats and design categories.
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Hello Product Hunt members! Crello team is super excited to be nominated for the Golden Kitty Award! We are so inspired by your support and recognition, and we want to thank everyone who helped us with advice, feedback, upvotes and shares. During the last three months Crello introduced cool new features that make designing online easier and more fun: + Animated Designs - free animated posts and ads you can customize and download in an mp4 format. + Stickers, Frames, Text Badges – new design elements to create truly professional-looking graphics + 4,000 free new templates for social media, print, ads and event graphics + 500 new hand-picked and free photographs + A favorites feature that lets you save design elements you like for later We are working every day on improving Crello, and our next big update will be the perfect solution for resizing your designs. Wow, right? :) Stay tuned!
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I have been using Crello for some time now and I love the tool and all the possibilities it has! I agree with the comment of Candidman to ad a grid to align elements.
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@ghezallie Thank you for your support and for the helpful suggestion. Definitely something for us to think about...

A grid is needed to improve the alignment of text and objects


Great design tool, free and easy to use


You can not resize a design to different sizes of social networks

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@candidman thanks for your review! You’re right, the resizing is the must-have feature. We're working on its introducing right now. And the good news - it will be available less than in a month. Hope you’ll enjoy!
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A great tool. Animated designs is a magic!!!
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@pavel_evgenievich So glad you like it! Thanks for your support. We really appreciate it.
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@pavel_evgenievich Thanks! We really like Animated Designs as well)