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#4 Product of the MonthAugust 2017

Crello is a free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web based graphics. It contains 30 different formats and 10,000 free and ready-to-use templates for creating graphics.

  • Crystal Ortiz
    Crystal OrtizProductivity Juice is My Diet

    Beautiful templates, gorgeous interface, great starting point - I can see myself using this permanently after more product maturation.


    Noticing that Crello is going to experience the same growing pains that similar apps experienced concerning UI and WYSIWYG editors.

    So a quick browse of Crello got me intrigued to sign up and I did right away and got down to business.

    In short: please do not see this as a scathing review. I actually quite like the interface and it's very promising. I want it to succeed so I will mention as quickly as possible the very small things that add up to a decision between your product and another one that's out there.

    So, these are the issues that need to be rectified before many working pros can use it for focused, continuous work:

    1. Undo/Redo. I should not have to deselect all my objects before I can undo an action. No regular image editing software acts like this, and your new users will come with the expectations that the microinteractions will be the same.

    2. Moving text with the keyboard arrows is not possible. Why?

    3. Similarly, Shift + Arrows in any direction to make an object jump by multiple pixels doesn't work - another thing that users are accustomed to. It really slows down my progress and creates unnecessary busywork (and way more undo history steps than is necessary)

    4. Sliders as the only available font controls also really slow down working with fonts. Allowing text input helps me get to 32 pt font quicker. It also matters that I have to scroll through the entire list of google fonts to find the fonts that I want to use - not being able to type in the name of the font and have it autocomplete for me is another thing that slows one down way more than you can realize until it's actually happening.

    5. Rotation - shift or ctrl + rotation doesn't give me snapping to predictable angles. I even was motivated to try because one of your templates had text rotated 90 degrees. When rotating it, the angles turned into a number between 1 and 360 degrees, where it was skipping angle #360 and going straight between 1 and 359. Took me a few tries to turn it into 360 degrees... and when I did... it was crooked by about 2 degrees.

    6. Colour picking - I don't really understand what 'special colors' are for, and I'm still looking for help on that. I love that selecting one of your main colours gives me a group of tonal shifts below it, but if I choose a custom colour I'm gonna have to decide that choosing a different colour for the same object makes that custom colour lost to me until I manually type it in again.

    When Canva first came out, it had all these issues, and now, most of them are rectified. While it appears that your business model is quite definitely inspired by them, I know you will succeed if you don't too closely follow in their footsteps (and missteps).

    I'll be keeping my account so I can create some more images and observe Crello's growth. Loving the style quite a lot. Looking forward to using it!

  • Eugine Dychko
    Eugine DychkoMarketing manager Depositphotos

    Really easy to use, lots of free templates


    Would be great to include presentation templates

    Useful tool with free templates and images, need I say more?)

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Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa@brunohq · hacker by trade, hustler by nature
How is this different from Canva?
Sam McLaren
Sam McLaren@sammcpt
@brunohq Was just thinking the same, UI looks *extremely* similar
Lesia Isaienko
Lesia Isaienko@lesia · Marketer, Crello
@brunohq @sammcpt Guys, we appreciate your feedback. Crello seems familiar because you've used Canva before. If you look at all our features on the website, you will notice that we are different from other online editors. Here are some of the advantages: - All of Crello’s 10,000 design templates are free - Free unlimited storage and folders to organize your work - 65 million stock images in comparison to Canva’s 1.5 million - 11,000+ free design elements (including images) - You can upload and use your images and fonts for free - No complicated subscriptions terms, everything is free unless you’d like to buy additional elements for $0.99. The usage of bought elements is unlimited. Please share your feedback and ask questions. ;)
Thomas Lesenechal
Thomas Lesenechal@tlesenechal · Founder 🇫🇷
@brunohq @sammcpt @lesia pretty clear thanks ! i was wondering the same
Lesia Isaienko
Lesia Isaienko@lesia · Marketer, Crello
@brunohq @sammcpt @tlesenechal Thanks, we're working towards offering better solutions. ;)
Andrew Richard
Andrew Richard@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
@brunohq I was about to ask that myself, Same design and all. Am not putting Canva aside for a clone. Don't mean to be rude but have used Canva for over 2 years now and no issues so far.
Dmitry Sergeev
Dmitry SergeevMaker@dmitriy_sergeev · Founder, Depositphotos Inc.
Greetings Hunters! Now anyone can handle basic design tasks as easy as 1-2-3. We’re introducing a free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web based graphics. Crello is a tool that will be your handy designer and idea generator at the same time. Design your own graphics quickly and most importantly with no hassle, as we prepared 30 pre-set formats and 10,000 free templates for you. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and happy to answer any questions.
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@dmitriy_sergeev This is nice, sleek and sexy at an amazing price point (that's mostly free ;-) )
Dmitry Sergeev
Dmitry SergeevMaker@dmitriy_sergeev · Founder, Depositphotos Inc.
@adithya Thank you! We are grateful for your support. If you have any ideas on how to make Crello better, feel free to share them with us.
Siddharth Das
Siddharth Das@deleted-780942 · Learn, plan, execute
@dmitriy_sergeev Hi! I extensively use canva and this looks amazing! The /home design could be improved with a bit more of whitespaces and contrasting colors I am new to front-end dev, it'd great if you could shine some light on how the /artboard editor was built and actually works, if possible. Thanks!
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@dmitriy_sergeev Cool, just a quick question: most of the services like yours are moving towards animated visuals, when are you planning to bring creation of GIFs/MP4 as a feature (like Canva etc)
Dmitry Sergeev
Dmitry SergeevMaker@dmitriy_sergeev · Founder, Depositphotos Inc.
@adithya It's a good question. Let me answer by adding this link You can see just a start of big work and plans on Crello website. We gonna add more features ;)
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo Pedenko@graver_ua · Product Manager @
The video is just amazing. Love it. Gonna sign up immediately.
Lesia Isaienko
Lesia Isaienko@lesia · Marketer, Crello
@graver_ua Thanks for supporting us! Feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions.
LeandroPro@leandro8209 · Co-founder, Unubo
Looks great! I like that you can just get started without signing up.
Lesia Isaienko
Lesia Isaienko@lesia · Marketer, Crello
@leandrobthomas So glad you like it! We're hoping people will see the perks.
Denis Matveev
Denis Matveev@denis_matveev · Product Designer at PromoRepublic
This totally kicks ass. In terms of functionality, looks like Stencil and Canva will soon be way behind.
Lesia Isaienko
Lesia Isaienko@lesia · Marketer, Crello
@denis_matveev Thanks! We're aiming to be a few steps ahead ;)