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#5 Product of the DayJuly 09, 2016

Countly is world's leading open source, enterprise grade mobile & web analytics and marketing platform, empowering more than 13000 apps. With a privacy in mind, Countly Analytics can be installed on-premises, or on a virtual cloud of your choice.


  • Pros: 

    Real-time, ability to be deployed on-premises


    No Corona SDK

    Love Countly’s user interface and ability to show us what’s missing in our application


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Onur Alp SonerMakerHiring@oasoner · CEO, Countly
Hello everyone! We have started our journey more than 3 years ago as the first & only open source mobile analytics platform. Since then Community Edition ( evolved into a suite which includes push notifications and crash analytics for mobile, as well as our recent introduction of web analytics. Our objective has always been liberating data not only via offering a solution that can be deployed wherever you want but also presenting a flexible architecture (plugins) so that the platform itself can be extended to use your data in any way you need without any sort of lock-in. Today, we continue to work on our big dream of data freedom via Community and Enterprise Editions offering 20+ plugins ( such as advanced segmentation, user profiles, segmented retention, targeted push, funnels, revenue analytics and attribution. We'll continue to add more plugins and will make it easier for our community to create their own plugins so that Countly, with right set of plugins, will be the best choice even for the most niche analytics needs. We would love to hear Product Hunt's feedback!
Braunson Yager@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
This is awesome, tho It would be nice to have a demo of some sort accessible through the main landing page.
Onur Alp SonerMakerHiring@oasoner · CEO, Countly
@braunshizzle Thanks for the feedback Braunson. We had a demo in the main landing page but as product got more complicated it became a problem to keep the demo up to date, so instead we settled on a trial account + demo data population for everyone.
Chris Moschella@cpaprogrammer · Creator -
This looks really cool, definitely going to give it a spin! One question though, what do you mean by SOX compliant? To most people, organizations are SOX compliant, not software, and it usually means management assessing their own internal controls over financial reporting so that they can assert in their 10-K that their internal controls are effective. So, I am wondering how this application could be "SOX Compliant." Related question, have any of your customers requested a SOC 1 or SOC 2 audit for the cloud service? Based just on what I see on your site, it seems like those are more appropriate "assurance products" to promote.
Onur Alp SonerMakerHiring@oasoner · CEO, Countly
@cpaprogrammer Thanks Chris, let us know if you need help! Countly is deployable on company premises so it can be used to track/report sensitive information such as financial data. So by SOX compliance we mean Countly can fit into existing network/security rules of the company. We have been asked a few times about auditing but in those cases the particular customer really needed an on-prem solution so we went with that.
Chris Moschella@cpaprogrammer · Creator -
@oasoner Thanks for the response! That makes sense. If an organization reports information produced by Countly in their financials, then the application would likely be in-scope for a SOX assessment and financial statement audit. Likewise, it is good to know that with proper configuration and execution, it can stand up to internal and external audit. If any of your cloud customers use the platform to produce data that is used in their financials, they will likely want a SOC-1 from you. If that happens and you want to discuss what all is involved in that process, feel free to contact me!
Onur Alp SonerMakerHiring@oasoner · CEO, Countly
@cpaprogrammer Thanks a lot Chris, will keep in touch. Followed you on Twitter :)
Murat Deligoz@datcrack · CEO, advelvet
It's great to see Countly here. We've been using it since they released it. And have seen the phases of development it has gone through. Strong features, lightweight server usage, would definitely recommend giving it a try. @gocountly team thanks for taking our feedback into account. It's wonderful to see some of our ideas become a part of the product.
Onur Alp SonerMakerHiring@oasoner · CEO, Countly
@datcrack Thanks a lot Murat, your feedback in our early days have been very helpful please keep them coming!
What is the difference to piwik?
Onur Alp SonerMakerHiring@oasoner · CEO, Countly
@jooons_ The lacking bit in Piwik and other similar products that started off as web analytics is the way data is structured and reports are visualised. In the world of web everything is about pages and views whereas in mobile you need to have a more user and action centric analytics. Countly on the other hand started as a mobile analytics product. When we introduced web analytics we didn't just add an SDK for web, we basically created a new set of web analytics plugins and differentiated from an architectural standpoint where we store/visualise data based on this application type (mobile & web for now, IoT will follow). You get access to a different UI based on this app type. What makes this possible is the plugin architecture Countly works on. Plugins are not just an extension for us, it is the core of Countly. PS: For a comprehensive list of features of both products, you can check out ( and (