Couch Live

Your virtual living room for watching TV with friends!

Couch Live is a virtual living room for watching TV and hanging out with friends. Generate your avatar from a selfie. Invite friends to your room with a link, and they can join your room from any device. Stream your camera, or screenshare to your Couch Live TV
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Hello Product Hunt people! I'm super excited to share Couch Live with this community. Couch Live is a virtual living room for watching TV with your friends. I built the app to be able to spend more time with far away family and friends - albeit virtual time together. That being the goal, there are a couple needs I set out to satisfy: - I wanted it to be ridiculously easy for my friends to join my room no matter what device they're on. - I wanted the TV viewing experience to be really enjoyable on any device. - I wanted to see my friend's actual faces - not some ridiculous cartoon avatar they created to represent themselves. - I wanted it to be simple to setup a room and screenshare into it. So here are some of the unique features that came from trying to satisfy those needs: - A minimalistic user interface that is identical in VR and on non-VR screens. - The app is entirely web-based, so my friends don't have to download anything and they can join from any device by simply clicking a link that I send them. I don't even have to download anything to stream my desktop, or camera into the room. - Realistic 3D avatars are generated from selfies. - The viewing experience is as almost as good on non-VR screens as it is in VR. If you turn your phone into landscape mode the video goes fullscreen and you can still talk to everyone in the room. I hope you'll check it out, and tell me about the experience. I'm happy to answer any questions here, or in !
Good timing on shipping this :) But sounds awesome. Checking it out later!
well i'll be damned :o this is amazing :D!!!
@aurielw best response response to the launch yet! Thanks 😊
Thanks so much for this, I caught up with 6 friends tonight, we watched a film, played some music and played hide and seek :D I've been self isolated so was very much needed...
@hi_fidelity_and_my_disco_cat Your facebook post made my day! Thank you for sharing
@dbradleyfl we had an awesome time... we are having issues with sound today... do you have any suggestions to help us improve it...mics are fine but the sound from the stream not quite loud enough...
@hi_fidelity_and_my_disco_cat you can change the volume of the tv and voices separately from the "Room" page of the menu. That said, I am actively working on spacial audio, improved audio streaming, and better volume controls. I'd love to get a better idea of the specific issue you're experiencing. Would you be willing to invite me to your room via a share link and show me? Could you shoot me an email so we could find a time?