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What is Facebook Design?
Facebook Design community is pioneering technologies to bring people closer together, and our teams share in the responsibility of doing it at global scale. We are committed to designing and building Facebook apps and technologies—the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal and Novi—to serve a diverse global community.
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Recent launches

Facebook iOS 11 GUI for Origami, Sketch, and Photoshop

Facebook Design just launched our iOS 11 GUI. This year we've added Origami components with motion (a step beyond past GUIs) as well as support for Sketch and Photoshop. Check it out!

Facebook iOS 11 GUI for Origami, Sketch, and Photoshop image
Facebook Design - Devices

Facebook supports a diverse audience around the world and an equally diverse set of devices. To emphasize that in our design mocks, we redrew a range of devices to show the global diversity of the people using our products. Each device comes with a bitmap of the device (with and without shadows) and the original Sketch file for that device.

Facebook Design - Devices image
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