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Love this! Reminds me a lot of Upworthy's "attention minutes" metric to measure how much time people spend reading ( Only Content Analytics also helps you know specifically where you're losing people. Question: If you just see averages (avg read: 74%), then you might think you're losing people at 74% when you're really losing half at 60% and half at 88%. Do you have a way of tracking common drop off points?
@natedesmond Hey ND. You can see the % of drop offs along the way so you can rejigger your content to improve people reading more of it. Example: (from today's AppSumo post)
@noahkagan That's just awesome.
love the direction that @noahkagan is taking with AppSumo, building tools for their own use and opening them up for a wider audience
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack. Appreciate the support!
Hey Everyone. Love to answer any questions y'all may have.
@noahkagan This could be very beneficial for creating ultimate ad space
solid idea! @robflaherty has a really great GA/jQuery plugin that measures scroll depth too. Benefits? It fits in with a lot of your current reporting & instrumentation tools.
@nealrs Thanks for sharing Neal.
@noahkagan - I love you. I run a digital marketing agency and this is going to be awesome. Installing on multiple sites now...