Compress for macOS

Dramatically compress JPG and PNG Images, convert PSD to JPG

Compress is a new tool for macOS that allows users to easily and dramatically compress PNG and JPG images on their Mac. Additionally, it allows users to quickly convert PSDs to JPGs without ever having to open Photoshop.

Compress also includes:

- Bulk conversion of files and folders.

- Custom extensions and removal of metadata

- Much more!

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Dude who said that you can use my work as a logo without even asking? especially for a paid app??
@yasir_bugra_eryilmaz hi there, I am sorry I am only seeing this now. I do not recall where I found this image but at the time I was basing icons off of googling open source images and must have confused it or found it uncredited somewhere. I've DM'd you on twitter and hope I can make this right.
Hey Product Hunt, We're really excited to be launching Compress today. I'll be around most of the day so let me know if you have any questions. Additionaly, here's a few freebie licenses. If you happen to grab one, please leave an upvote and a review. Also, if you happen to miss these licenses, follow me on twitter @bzgoldman as I'll be giving away more through the day. id794019503053uks id624732039077uks id399812400573uks id138525542058uks
@bzgoldman Congrats on the launch! Where are these codes for? Mac App Store, or on your website?
@bzg0515 Thanks Binyamin 🙏🏼
@bzgoldman @craigcpaterson Good question, they are for the version that can be downloaded from the website.
@bzgoldman @bzg0515 thanks, no worries, it looks like they are all gone now though :-(
Hi! Great app. I compared app with the website I'm using and results was much better with compressor. What the difference between your app (paid) and free
@ma1ish Hey Dima, some major differences are bulk conversion and the ability to convert PSDs. However, if you are converting JPGs, you can increase the compression in the settings significantly, so please take a look if you’d like.
Should I switch from ImageOptim (it's free and packed up with features, and looks more native to macOS ) ?
@inlinecoder i am also curious about it.
@bzg0515 Congratulations for the launch! I tried out Compress and compared the results with JPEGmini. I have to share that the results are totally mind blowing. Compress won hands down!! Thank you for making Compress.
@180nord Thanks Sanjeev!