Compass by Amplitude

Discover the user behaviors that drive retention

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Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
People creating products and responsible for improving them should be doing the kinds of analysis that Compass enables regardless of if they are using Amplitude or not! That's why I'm excited that Amplitude is adding Compass as part of their analytics platform. With user retention being more important than ever, Compass can help people dig into what might be leading to retention so they can understand their users better and get some idea of what to do to improve retention. This type of feature can also really help people understand how to choose "the one metric that matters" right now. I'm hoping this trend catches on with analytics companies and we get more features to help us understand how to retain our users / customers for longer.
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Kevin Li
Co-Founder at Farmstead
Looks awesome, can't wait to try this out. The hardest part during the early days of product development is iterating through your initial data set to figure out your aha moment, Compass seems like a 10x faster way to get there!
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Love seeing that the message of retention is king is taking hold. This looks like it will help companies go way beyond the surface level cohort reports. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
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Spenser Skates
Amplitude Founder & CEO
@bbalfour growth is good, but retention is forever!
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@spenserskates @bbalfour ^^ future motivational poster on the wall of every startup office
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Justin Bauer
Head of Product, Amplitude
Hi everyone, I’m Justin, one of the many people here at Amplitude that helped make Compass a reality. Compass is for people who have ever stared at a retention chart and thought “so what do I do now?”. Typically, this is where the guesswork begins. “I just read some growth hack about profile completion - let’s do that!” or “didn’t Facebook focus on adding 7 friends - we should do that!” Why not eliminate the guesswork and let your data point you in the right direction? Compass analyzes all of your product’s data points in realtime to uncover what behaviors best lead to retention (and maybe equally important, what behaviors don’t). It’s also not a black box - we show you all of the correlation statistics and even give you access to the raw data for further analysis. As Hiten mentioned in his comment, I hope this becomes a milestone moment in the evolution of analytics. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you have!
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Ankit Jain
Founding Partner, Gradient Ventures
Retention is the hardest problem that most folks don't know how to solve. This tool looks awesome to try and detect that inflection moment in your customers. Can't wait to try it for myself! Oh, and that 77% retention stat is wicked :)
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